Michael Jackson Did Nothing Wrong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2019

This entire attack on Michael Jackson is a staged hoax to once again defame a man – who is already dead – for questioning the Jews.

It is a public announcement of “remember, goyim, if you question us, the defamation against you won’t end when you’re dead.”


Weeks after an explosive documentary detailing shocking allegations of child abuse by the late Michael Jackson made instant headlines, holes have appeared in the narrative of the abusers — but the US media has gone silent.

The four-hour-long ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary by filmmaker Dan Reed offered detailed accounts of sexual abuse and garnered massive amounts of media attention when it aired across the US and UK in March.

Jackson’s two accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, instantly became part of the #MeToo generation and few journalists questioned their stories or probed any further.

Even though those two supported MJ last time he was accused of this.

But in late March, Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe raised concerns over a key date in the documentary. While Safechuck alleged he was abused in the train station at Jackson’s Neverland, it turns out that construction of the train station didn’t begin until the end of 1993, and it did not open until 1994 — two years after Safechuck said the abuse ended at age 14.

Smallcombe even tweeted images of construction permits for the train station on Twitter to prove his case. Responding to Smallcombe’s unearthed documents, director Reed appeared to admit that the dates in his documentary were wrong, before quickly backtracking and insisting that there was “no clash of dates.”

One month after the documentary produced a major media storm, there seems to be little interest from the US media in the new information — or Reed’s response to allegations that Safechuck could be lying.

Other holes have been picked in the narrative, too, including one involving Safechuck’s mother, who claimed to have celebrated Jackson’s death four years before her son said he realized he had been abused.

A string of other details which seemingly don’t add up were compiled by Mediate reporter John Ziegler, who has questioned why the new information has not “gained any traction” in the US, despite being picked up by at least three major outlets in the UK. The Daily Mail, the Sun and the Mirror, along with multiple smaller outlets, have all written about Smallcombe’s concerns over the documentary.

That’s because even now, the UK media is significantly less kiked than the US media. It is mostly run by women who follow the narrative on everything – but no one but a Jew could understand what the narrative was supposed to be on MJ.

Of course, part of making MJ a story is simply to distract people from everything else that is happening right now – and that is a lot. However, calling out the documentary as a hoax after promoting it would just let them double their money. Either way, you get people talking about Michael Jackson.

But for Jackson, the Jew media is always a one way street.

He had been chemically castrated, meaning he couldn’t even get an erection, meaning it is impossible that he ever sexually abused anyone. Obviously, Jackson was messed up – but that was because of his childhood, wherein the Jews worked with his father to mess him all up, what with hormonal injection, sexual abuse, the whole deal.

In his later years, Jackson lashed out at the Jews.

He wrote lyrics they did not like in the song “They Don’t Care About Us,” which was about the Jewish global control grid:

Beat me
Hate me
You can never
Break me
Will me
Thrill me
You can never
Kill me
Jew me
Sue me
Do me
Kick me
Kike me
Don’t you
Black or white me

And I’m sure that beyond this, he did a lot of targeting of the Jews in private.

So they started saying he was raping little boys.

Years later, after Jackson had undergone the first and second waves of Jewish attacks on his character, he was caught talking about how it was all a Jewish conspiracy on a leaked phone call.

The Guardian (November 24, 2005):

Michael Jackson has been taped making overtly anti-semitic remarks during a phone call, describing Jews as “leeches” that conspired to leave him “penniless”.”They suck,” said Jackson. “I’m so tired of it … they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money. It’s a conspiracy. Jews do it on purpose.”

National director of the anti-defamation league, Abraham Foxman, which campaigns against anti-semitism, said yesterday: “It is sad that Jackson is infected with stereotypical ideas of Jews as money-grubbing and manipulative.”

Yeah Abe – I wonder who infected him with those ideas?

The guy was surrounded by Jews his entire life – not exactly the bucktoothed trailer park hillbilly KKK member Andrew Anglin who has never even met a Jew hates them because they have long noses.

Look – Jackson was a weird person.

He did do all of this stuff, hanging out with children and so on, and that obviously looked weird. But it WAS NOT sexual. He legitimate had a serious psychological – and hormonal! – disorder that prevented him from growing up. That’s why he named his place “Neverland” (a reference to Neverneverland in the Peter Pan stories, a place where children never grow up).

So it’s easy to blame him for shit he didn’t do.

It’s sort of like how the Nazis really did round up Jews and put them in camps, so they’re able to take that one thing which sounds bad (even though it wasn’t) and then invent this “death camp” narrative around it.

Jackson went to court after greedy parents with Jew lawyers claimed he was molesting kids, and he was proven NOT GUILTY.

But the Jews are perturbed – they just come back years after he’s dead and defame him yet again.

Look at the way articles about Hitler are still published every day. Jews never forget. If Jews could get away with it, they would be publishing daily articles about Hadrian, making up defamatory fantasies about his sex life and table manners.

Every year at Purim they publish a barrage of stories – for the goyim, in goyim papers – about their enemy Haman, who I don’t even think was actually real.

Furthermore – this whole situation just shows how little of a shit the media gives about the truth. If there is evidence that Michael didn’t do it – and actual clear documentation that this documentary is lying – then why are they not reporting it, simply based on the fact that they’re supposed to be reporting information?

You literally have kikes in there saying “no, hold that.”

And this speaks to the larger issue of the media. Here it is, in plain sight, in a situation that isn’t even political and is literally ONLY about Jews hating this one guy.

People should defend Michael.

He didn’t do anything wrong.

(Except for that single in the 90s with Janet.)