Michael Jackson Alleged a Good Father Figure, But Continuing to Claim Paris is His Biological Daughter is Insane

Every time I see these “Michael Jackson was Paris Jackson’s father” stories, I just can’t believe it’s still being printed.

Paris Jackson is in the media this week, having appeared on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series “No Filter” on Tuesday to talk about her life, and about her relationship with her “father” Michael Jackson.

The 22-year-old white girl, who was 11 when Michael died, had only positive things to say about Jackson, saying he was a great influence.

She said he didn’t spoil her, despite the wealth the family had.

“Growing up, it was about earning stuff. If we wanted five toys from FAO Schwarz or Toys R Us, we had to read five books,” Paris said. “It’s earning it, not just being entitled to certain things or thinking, ‘Oh, I got this.’ It’s like working for it, working hard for it — it’s, it’s something else entirely. It’s an accomplishment.”

I can believe he was a good father figure. I can at least believe he tried to be. I cannot believe he was the actual biological father.

I’m the number one person who will always defend Michael Jackson’s legacy against the claims by the Jews that he was a child molester.

All of these stories have been proved false, and there was never any evidence to support them in the first place. It’s all just bullshit. I’ve offered to debate many people on this topic, and no one wants to debate me, because these people just want to continue to accuse poor Michael of being a pervert, despite the absolutely known fact that he was incapable of getting an erection due to what his evil father did to him – giving him transgender hormones before it was popular, in order to keep his voice pitch high.

For those who don’t know the story – Michael was a child singer, put up to it by his evil father. He was in a group called “The Jackson Five” as a kid.

When he started to go through puberty, his abusive and evil father shot him with estrogen to keep his voice pitch.

This created serious mental illness for him, obviously. And it also permanently destroyed his endocrine system, making him both sterile and unable to get an erection.

Thus: he was both incapable of molesting children, and also incapable of fathering a child.

He did not have sexuality, at all. His father took that part of his personhood away from him by injecting him with these drugs.

So you see: these two issues are tied together:

  • He was NOT a child molester
  • He was also NOT the father of any children, including Paris

Paris Jackson is obviously white. Like, I don’t know how anyone can take these claims that Michael was her biological father seriously. It is just dumb on the face.

Or I should say: it is just dumb on her face.

We’ve all seen mulattoes, and there is no reality in which that girl is a mulatto. That is, quite obviously, an Aryan princess.

The reason Michael was attacked and accused of child molestation was that he spoke out against and pushed back against the Jews that dominated the music industry.

The Guardian, November 24, 2005:

Michael Jackson has been taped making overtly anti-semitic remarks during a phone call, describing Jews as “leeches” that conspired to leave him “penniless”.

“They suck,” said Jackson. “I’m so tired of it … they start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money. It’s a conspiracy. Jews do it on purpose.”

National director of the anti-defamation league, Abraham Foxman, which campaigns against anti-semitism, said yesterday: “It is sad that Jackson is infected with stereotypical ideas of Jews as money-grubbing and manipulative.”

There were other comments also, and no doubt a lot of behind the scenes comments that never came to light.

Michael Jackson even had a lyric in the song “They Don’t Care About Us,” where he talked about Jews trying to kike him.

It’s been edited now, but the original lyrics contained the line: “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me.”

This is why, years after his death, they are still coming out with documentaries claiming that he was a child molester.

Just in 2019, HBO put out yet another documentary claiming this.

It was totally debunked by a few brave journalists, but these Jews know a dead man can’t file a lawsuit, so they don’t care if it’s debunked.

This is how they do you: even after they kill you, they will continue to defame you for decades, or forever. Look at what they’ve done to poor old Adolf Hitler.

I get that it was believable to some people, because he was playing with children at his Neverland Ranch. But he was just messed up in the head because of what his father did to him. That’s all.

He just legitimately enjoyed playing with children. That is obviously weird, but making the leap from that to “he was raping them” is not a logical leap in any way, especially when you understand his psychological problems. Then, when you look at the actual claims, and realize there was no evidence, and realize that the kids who were actually close with Michael – including famous child actor Macaulay Culkin – state frankly that the whole thing was a lie, the whole situation becomes clear.

This was a bunch of Jew lawyers working with sickening women to try to pump Jackson for money, and to defame him as evil. The reason was: because he said that stuff about Jews.

In actual fact, continuing to claim that Paris is his biological daughter hurts his reputation. Because the ultimate proof that these molestation lies are all lies is that Jackson was totally asexual, due to what his dad did to him with the injections, and he couldn’t get an erection if he wanted to.

Most people just assume Jackson was a pervert because he was weird, and that is really sad. He was a great musician, and seems to have been a kind person, and it is wrong that these Jews continue to defame him.