Michael Flynn: “One Nation Under God and One Religion Under God”

Michael Flynn is on an “Awaken America” tour with Roger Stone and others.

In general, I support whatever sort of MAGA thing these people have going on. I don’t see any downside to it.

But over the weekend at an event he said that there should be “one religion” in America. I don’t know what that means.

I of course support banning non-Christian religions, and I don’t think that the Constitution was ever intended to include non-Christian religions. In fact, it is totally unserious to suggest that the First Amendment applies to Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, or any of this other crap. What it applied to was the fact that we had multiple Christian faiths, and the Founding Fathers had had bad experiences with both Catholic-run countries and the Church of England.

But is that what Flynn is saying? Ban Jews and Islam? If he’s saying that, then why not just say it?

Certainly, this is the way the left is interpreting the statement.

Seeing a greasy Paki invader insult a decorated American soldier makes me want to punch a wall.

This disgusting haji terrorist works for the Jewish anti-First Amendment publication The Daily Beast and supports forced vaccination.

He’s also avidly against freedom of speech, and has been active in the war against Tucker Carlson.

There is simply nothing worse than the way this foreign filth uses our history and our heroes to try to manipulate us – “your own Constitution says you have to let my people flood your country, live on welfare, do terrorism, and sex traffic your daughters. I’m the real American now, and you don’t even understand your own identity, which I now represent.”

But of course Moslems are stupid. They’re totally inbred genetic waste.

That doesn’t really affect what Flynn meant here, however.

I heard some clip of Flynn on Robert Reyvolt’s podcast where he was saying some kind of Maitria prayer. For those who don’t know, the Maitria was some kind of evangelical New Age thing from the 1970s that other evangelicals said was the Antichrist. I mean, you can look it up. Evangelical Christianity is super bizarre and has involved a lot of both New Age gibberish and puritanical attacks on the New Age (and Dungeons & Dragons).

Maitria is some kind of New Age version of Jesus meant to build a one world government.

Evangelical Christianity isn’t so much a religion as it is just the waste product that resulted from modernists grinding up Christianity.

Here’s the clip.

Somehow this relates to Kenneth Copeland, who is, in my view, totally satanic.

I think it also relates to Benny Hinn and some of these other evangelicals.

The whole thing is really creepy.

If you could point at a single force that destroyed America, it would be the evangelical movement. Of course, that was totally funded by the Jews, who wanted to turn Christianity into a Jew-worshiping doomsday cult. They did that. If you look at any of the material coming from these evangelical churches now, it is all just about “end times prophecy.” There is no actual religion there. Just bizarro science fiction material.

It’s possible that Flynn has gotten innocently involved in this. We all know people who have gotten innocently involved with evangelical “Christianity.” It makes up the largest part of protestant Christianity in America.

It’s shrinking, because people’s kids don’t want to be involved with this sick cult stuff.

Nonetheless, I will just say: stay away from this creepy weird stuff.

Even if Flynn is not involved in some kind of satanic New Age evangelical conspiracy, he did say this stuff, and that is not something I approve of.