MIC DROP: Tucker Killed It Last Night on the Syria Situation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on Syria last night was absolutely amazing.

I think that part of that was basically just reading directly from my articles.

All of our talking points:

  • Total bipartisan support for war
  • No one knows what happened
  • Why would Assad do this?
  • Same story as last April – which turned out to be a hoax
  • Even if it was real – what does that have to do with us? Is it worth a war?
  • No one cares about humanitarian crisis in Libya
  • “Moderate rebels” are actually ISIS terrorists
  • Why are we funding terrorists?
  • Trump campaigned on being against this

He is the only person on television saying this, and he is absolutely lucid.

I’m surprised they didn’t cut his mic.

He could have dropped the mic after that bit, but instead he kept going.

After that monologue, he interviewed a Senator from Mississippi, and I kid you not, Tucker opened up with asking him how a war in Syria would make us safer and the first words out of this guy’s mouth were “well, if you care about Israel…”

Real thing. Like Daily Stormer satire. Watch it.

He then went on to make no sense at all.

When asked about why we should be fighting Assad, he just kept talking about ISIS, and when Tucker brought up the fact that Assad is fighting ISIS, he said “oh well, it’s complicated.”

He never gave any kind of coherent answer to anything.

It is absolutely insane that this is a US Senator demanding a war that will cost trillions of dollars and untold numbers of American lives and he can’t even give a basic explanation of why he wants to do it.

Because look – what does Israel even have to do with any of this? They’re saying we have to go to war because of a humanitarian crisis with chemical gas – how does that even relate to Israel?

All of this is Bush-era evangelical Christian “war to bring about the Biblical apocalypse” talking points, mixed in with Obama-era “humanitarian intervention” talking points, creating a nonsensical word-soup of confusing gibberish.

These people genuinely believe they can just roll out these emotional talking points – using every available media platform – and get us to go fight a war where the only real purpose is to create chaos in the Middle East because that ostensibly benefits Israel.

Thank God for Tucker.

At least he is getting the reality out there to the people, on the most watched news show on television.

We have a chance to stop this.