Miami: Private School Won’t Let Vaxxed Teachers Work Due to Unknown Health Threats

Even while the whole world is going nuts over the vaccine, there are a few people who are remaining reasonable, and thinking this through objectively.

This vaccine is an experiment, and we have no idea what the effects of messing with people’s DNA and RNA might be. People who want to experiment on themselves in this way should not be allowed to drag other people into their experiment.

The Independent:

A private school in Miami has said it will not employ vaccinated teachers, arguing against all evidence that they pose health risks to children.

Centner Academy, which has campuses in the Design District and Edgewater, informed parents of its policy for teachers and staff on Monday by email.

In a video message, one of the school’s founders, Leila Centner, told employees that if they chose to get a shot, “they would have to stay away from students.”

In her message to the school staff and teachers, she claimed: “Reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated.”

She added: “Even among our own population, we have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted after having spent time with a vaccinated person.” Both these claims have been discounted by the CDC.

Leila Centner and David Centner —Variety called them “Miami’s most generous philanthropic couple” — established the school in 2019. The school charges at least $30,000 per student, per year.

In her message to teachers she said: “I have to draw a line in the sand today and tell you if you want to get it, this is not going to be the right school for you. Especially right now when we don’t know what’s going on. I don’t want our community to be a part of this experiment.”

Ms Centner has asked its employees to inform them if they have already been vaccinated, so they can keep them away from students.

She asked those who are planning on getting the shot before the school year is over to let the school know because “we cannot allow recently vaccinated people to be near our students until more information is known.” Ms Centner has also given them another option: to wait until the school year is over to get vaccinated.

The Centners’ decision to keep vaccinated teachers away from school will have massive consequences for many. Those teachers who will get vaccinated over the summer will not be allowed to return “until clinical trials on the vaccine are completed” and only “if a position is still available at school.”

The media is going to continue to say “without evidence,” but there actually is evidence. Maybe there isn’t hard proof, but by definition, there is evidence.

The fact that people have experienced changes in their menstrual cycle after being around people who have been vaccinated has been totally documented. Even if all of these thousands of women who have reported it are somehow delusional or insane, it remains true that their claims of this happening count as evidence.

Words have meanings.

They could say “without proof” and that would be true, but when they say “without evidence,” they are simply lying.

Here’s a report on women’s menstrual cycles changing and getting very weird as a result of the vaccine:

No one knows what this means. The reason they don’t know what it means is: this is an experiment.

Women’s menstrual cycles will change when they are around other women. For reasons that are still not understood, women who are around each other begin to experience increasingly similar menstrual cycles the longer they are around each other.

This is called “menstrual synchrony,” it has been tested, and there is a Wikipedia page about it. The Wikipedia page is critical, but seriously – ask any woman about it. They all know about it. It’s not some new age kook thing. It makes sense in terms of evolutionary biology – if all women had the same menstruation in a tribe, then every month the men of the tribe could plan to go on a hunting trip during that period. Historically, and even in Islam now, men are not supposed to be around menstruating women, because it can create relational problems due to the erratic behavior of women at that time of month, and if all women are synched, then it makes it much easier for the men to go off together and give these women their space.

It is possible that due to the natural pattern of women’s bodies synching their menstrual cycles with people around them, being around people who have gotten the vaccine and are thus experiencing weird menstrual cycles could lead to women who are not vaccinated but are around vaccinated people getting weird menstrual cycles, which could in turn lead to fertility problems.

We have more than enough evidence to be cautious about this, and the school is making the right call. I wouldn’t want my daughter around vaccinated women if there was any chance at all she was going to have weird menstrual cycles. Why would anyone want that for their daughter? It’s creating a new risk for children for no reason.

What’s more: I’m sure no one wants their high school daughter to get pregnant, but I’m also sure that all of us Christians would be more opposed to an abortion than an early grandchild. If being around a vaccinated person affects a woman’s menstruation, could it also cause a spontaneous abortion?

It sounds crazy, but who knows?

I’ll tell you who knows: no one. Do you know why they don’t know? Because this is an experiment.

As a famous man once said: “We just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA.”

Oh, that tweet doesn’t embed? Oh, hmm, yes. It’s because JamesOKeefe has been banned. Very convenient.

The full video is still on YouTube, at time of writing.

We not only do not know the long-term side effects, we do not know the short-term side effects, and we have enough reports to have a serious reason to believe that one of these short (and potentially long) term side effects is that it causes strange menstruation in women, and that this menstruation can spread to other women who have not been vaccinated.

Furthermore: we have no idea what other risks vaccinated people could pose to the non-vaccinated. We know for a fact that many or even most people who receive the vaccine get sick, some of them die or have other serious problems.

Young people are at zero risk for the supposed coronavirus, so you aren’t protecting them from anything by vaccinating the teachers.

Add together the lack of potential benefit with the clear potential risk, and it’s an easy answer: no vaccinated people at the children’s school.

I assume the Centners are Jewish, but I would rather my children be exposed to Jews than to dangerous vaccinated people.

What’s more: the school is beautiful, and looks like something out of old school Atlantic City.

I’m not a huge fan of their interior design choices that I’ve seen, however.

Here’s the bottom line: the government is making it clear that it is legal to discriminate against the unvaxxed. That also means that it must be legal to discriminate against the vaxxed. I have already told everyone I know that if they get vaxxed, I am ending my relationship with them, because it’s creepy to be around people who have been genetically engineered.

Getting vaxxed could also affect people’s brains and behavior.

Religiosity and the belief in God is linked to the VMAT2 gene (scientific paper showing that). We know that the concept of creating a genetic vaccine to inhibit that gene has been discussed. Is it far-fetched to think the coronavirus vaccine could be designed to do that? Or that it could do that by accident?

Maybe it’s far-fetched – I have no idea. No one has any idea about any of this, because it’s an experiment and all discussion of it has been banned.

We need to draw a red line.