Miami: Pedestrian Bridge Collapses, At Least Six Dead [UPDATE: Feminist, Affirmative Action Construction]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2018


This is the best thing ever.

This was an affirmative action bridge with all female engineers.

The head of the project was Mexican feminist Leonor Flores.

I have never in my life heard of a feminist bridge, but I guess if I had thought about it, I would have known such bridges existed and assumed they would fall down.

White male privilege is being able to build a bridge and having it not fall down.

In a previous time, it would be only us talking about this. But I have a feeling our friend Tuckah might have a segment on this for us tonight.

Original article follows.

So, this is America.

Bridges fall down in America. In 2018, a country that put men on the moon 50 years ago can’t even keep a bridge from collapsing.

This is not normal. That is a very large structure. There is absolutely zero reason that a modern country should have things like this going on.

We are a nation that is moving backwards. This is obvious in the sense of morally and socially, of course, but that moral and social backwardness is also leading to an economic, technological and structural decline.

This is what Jews do. They are a virus. They weaken you, fundamentally.

NBC News:

The death toll from the Miami bridge collapse has risen to at least six, officials said early Friday, as engineers and homicide investigators carefully picked through the dangerous scene in search for possible victims and evidence as to what went wrong.

Multiple vehicles were crushed when the bridge came down near Florida International University’s campus at around 1:30 p.m on Thursday. Workers were also on the structure at the time, according to Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue.

Officials said early Friday that personnel had arrived at the site from the FBI, NTSB, and OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Fire officials have relinquished the lead of the investigation and handed it over to police, Det. Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Police Department, told reporters during a 5 a.m. briefing.

“This has now turned from a rescue to a recovery operation,” he said. “We’ve been working throughout the entire night.”

Homicide detectives were working alongside engineers, both to try to find more victims but also to uncover evidence relevant to the investigation about what happened to the structure.

“Engineers told us last night it’s got to be done very carefully,” Zabaleta said. “Not only because of the fact that we have to preserve evidence, no only because of the fact that there may be possible victims under there and we have to treat it very delicately, but because of the safety of the rescuers as well, because of the unstableness of the bridge.”

He described the structure as “very fragile.”

Nine injured people were transported to the hospital and another person is believed to have gone there themselves, the detective said. One of the six people killed, one died while in hospital, he said.

He added that the death toll could rise.

This is simply cartoonish.

Bridges just falling down.

We need to get it together here, people.

We’re turning into a third world country.