Miami Foam Party Creates “Stop Trump” Initiative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2016

Marco Rubio, a Cuban homosexual and foam party aficionado, has formed a coalition to beat his opponent. Cubans are not known for their creativity. They are, however, known for being criminal filth.

The “Stop Donald Trump” link he’s posted to Twitter leads to a page on his website asking you to join his Cuban gang.

Stop Donald Trump. Join Marco's Team

I want to stress here that as enticing as it may seem to join a Cuban gang, this is not going to be like Scarface. You are not going to be trafficking cocaine, going to pool parties with beautiful bikini babes or taking down rival gangs with machine guns.


Scarface is not a true story and Al Pacino is not a real Cuban.

marco rubio foam party gay

Marco Rubio’s gang has nothing to do with trafficking cocaine and everything to do with gay foam parties.

Instead, you are going to be helping a Cuban gay takeover the US government in the name of the Jews. The best adventure you can hope for is a gay foam party.

Do not join this Cuban gang. If you want to join a gang and traffic in narcotics and take down rival gangs, you should join a biker meth gang.