Miami: Building Collapses, Kills Some

Pretty soon, we’re not even going to be able to use “but your buildings fall over” as an attack on the Chinese.

Chinese buildings are falling over less, while American buildings are falling over much more.


A building partially collapsed Thursday morning on Collins Avenue in Surfside, near Miami, Florida, the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department said. It has sent 80 units to respond.

Photos and videos show part of the building reduced to rubbles, with fire crews working at the site. KGO-TV reported that at least eight people were hospitalized.

Journalist Joel Franco, who is at the scene of the collapse, tweeted that some people have been rescued from the building.

A person who said he was a resident of the first floor of the condo told Franco that he was in the underground garage when the collapse began, and that he quickly fled outside.

“Then were heard some more shaking happening. We started running,” the man said.

“And all of a sudden, the back of the building starts collapsing. We see nothing but smoke and dust… Visibility was very poor, and we were choking.”

How many buildings and bridges and other major structures regularly fall over is a pretty good measure of how well your civilization is doing.

From where I’m sitting, American civilization is really not doing all that well.

If Florida really wants to become the new Capitol of free America, they are going to have to run out some of these brown people.

They can easily use the Cubans as their “anti-brown person task force.”

Cubans are basically white, and yet maintain brown privilege, making them virtually invincible.