Mexico: Town’s Entire Police Force Arrested for Murder of Mayoral Candidate

Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

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Sweden’s existence aside, is there really any argument why America – or any other part of this planet – needs more of these creatures?

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The incident has sparked outrage throughout Mexico, though it remains unclear what role the police officers played exactly.

The entire police force of the town of Ocampo, situated in Mexico’s Guanajuato State, were arrested over the weekend by agents from the internal affairs (IA) department in connection to the murder of a mayoral candidate, The Independent reported on Monday.

Outrage LOL

You think they would’ve gotten used to it by now.

On July 1, democratic proceedings to elect Mexico’s president for the next term, in addition to numerous other positions throughout the country at various levels of government, will take place.

Mr. Juarez was the local candidate for the leftwing Democratic Revolution Party, and in the aftermath of his death, the party warned that he had been assassinated and urged the Mexican government to ensure the protection of candidates in the upcoming elections.

They just arrested the entire police force bud… And you’re asking for more cops?

That sounds like a bad idea to me.

If you’re so revolutionary, why not just get guns and shoot the cartels yourselves?

He reportedly had little prior experience in politics, and was shot dead in Ocampo on June 21.

So no one in his party told him the first thing he should do is go to whichever cartel runs the town he’s running in and make sure he outbids the other candidates?

The victim’s public security secretary has also been linked to his death, and after local police prevented federal agents from arresting him over the weekend, they returned with reinforcements and arrested the town’s entire police force, and launched an investigation.

Let me tell you something – if I had a pension that needed paying, I’d go straight to these people.

They sound like they’re perfectly qualified for it.

Gangs have murdered dozens of activists and politicians in the run-up to the elections, making it the bloodiest in Mexico’s modern history.

The reason these are the bloodiest is just that there are more Mexicans out there.

Mexico’s population has been increasing non-stop – by about 26 million in the past 18 years alone – ever since White people introduced medicine and agriculture there, and you can bet low-IQ mestizos and indios are the ones reproducing the most.

The more shitholers you have in a place, the bigger a shithole that place is, it’s just common sense.

Still, I’m the glass half-full kind of guy, so I’m happy at least Sweden will always be around.