Mexico: Top Coronavirus Fear Monger Photographed Partying with No Mask

How is it possible that not one single authority pushing the coronavirus agenda appears to believe it themselves?

Seriously: have we ever seen even one of these people who pushes this stuff actually practicing what they preach?

This guy is the Mexican Anthony Fauci – just to give some context here.

LA Times:

Every night, in a televised news conference, Mexico’s COVID-19 point man gives a somber update on the pandemic’s toll.

Hugo López-Gatell, Mexico’s undersecretary of health, speaks of a scarcity of oxygen tanks, of hospitals at a near breaking point and of healthcare workers who have died in numbers higher than anywhere else in the world.

Then he makes a dramatic plea, an appeal he has uttered so often and with such conviction that it has spurred internet memes and has even been remixed into a reggaetón song: “Stay home.”

So it struck a nerve for many in the nation when photographs emerged over the weekend showing López-Gatell relaxing on a sandy Pacific beach nearly 500 miles from his residence in Mexico City.

In one photo, he is seen seated at an outdoor bar with a female companion. Neither is wearing a mask. In a second photo, taken a few days earlier on a crowded flight from Mexico City to the beach resort in southern Oaxaca, López-Gatell is seen talking on a cellphone — again, no mask.

Now he’s among the club of public authorities criticized for what some consider pandemic hypocrisy. Other officials caught for not practicing what they preach include California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was scorned after attending a November birthday dinner at a Napa Valley restaurant, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who in November filmed a video urging his constituents not to travel — while he was on a Mexican vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

The obvious explanation for why none of these people appear to believe in this virus threat is that none of them do believe in it.

It’s probably actually hard to think of any other reason why it would be so apparent that none of the official authorities pushing the coronavirus agenda, pushing the fear of the virus, appear to themselves be afraid of the virus.