Mexico Threatened Over Soccer Chant Which Hurts the Feelings of Diseased Faggots – Authorities Will Shutdown FIFA Matches!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2017

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LA Times:

They’ve been begged by star players to stop it, fined repeatedly, and threatened with dramatic sanctions that could hurt their national team’s chances in the World Cup.

But Mexican soccer fans have been loath to give up their favorite game-day chant, a homophobic slur that has been condemned by gay rights groups, government officials and international soccer authorities.

At a recent World Cup qualifying match at Mexico City’s massive Estadio Azteca, game organizers aired messages pleading with fans to not say it. Beforehand, some of the team’s top players had condemned the slur in public service announcements.

But the crowd of more than 80,000 had other plans.

Each time the goalie for the United States team picked up the ball to punt it, the crowd began chanting, “Eehhh,” stretching out the sound like a long musical note on a crescendo. When the goalie finally kicked the ball, the crowd shouted, “puto!” in unison.

The word, which translates roughly to “male prostitute,” has long been used in Mexico as a slur against gay men.

Many soccer fans insist it isn’t meant as an anti-gay insult. They point out that the word has taken on other meanings, including “coward,” and is even sometimes used between friends kind of like “dude.”

Critics say fans obviously aren’t screaming “dude” at opposing teams.

“There’s no question that in this context, it’s an insult,” said Rafael Ocampo, a longtime sportswriter in Mexico City who is now the director of Milenio Television. “It’s an embarrassment.”

Debate over the term has become a lightning rod issue in Mexico. Gay marriage is legal in several states, but discrimination and violence against gays is a regular occurrence in many parts of the country.

“Slurs like this are part of the violent context that we live,” said Paulina Martinez, who heads a gay rights group.

“We live in a country where priests do anti-gay conversion therapy, where there are big anti-gay marches,” she said, references to last year’s “pro-family” demonstrations organized by a far-right political party that brought tens of thousands of people into the streets across the country. “Homophobia is very much a part of our national discourse,” she said.

The chant is believed to have first emerged about 15 years ago in Mexico’s national soccer league. Fans of one particular team began screaming it at their former goalkeeper, who they felt had betrayed them by joining a rival club. The chant always seems to play out the same way: the prolonged “Eehhh,” capped by the slur.

The chant was ubiquitous during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where it drew increasing scrutiny from international gay rights activists as well as FIFA disciplinary officials. At the time, the Mexican team’s coach, Miguel Herrera, laughed it off, saying the term was an ancient Aztec word that meant “force a bad punt from the goalkeeper.”


That is genuinely really funny.

See, this is the thing. Mexicans in Mexico are fine. They hate faggots and also apparently make funny jokes.

Why do they all have to come live in our country?

Can’t we all just meet together and play soccer with each other every 4 years, and otherwise stay where we’re supposed to be?

Now, in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, soccer authorities are taking the chant more seriously. The Mexican Soccer Federation has been fined thousands of dollars multiple times in recent months after fans chanted the slur during several World Cup qualifying matches.

Ahead of this month’s Confederations Cup, FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, announced a dramatic plan to try to stamp out the chant. Cameras have been trained on the stands to monitor fans’ behavior. If any fans are seen screaming the chant, Mexico will be issued a formal warning. If they persist, referees have the authority to suspend the match or end the game altogether.

Just imagine going back in time and telling your great-grandfather that in 100 years they would be installing cameras in sports stadiums to watch and see if spectators were saying a word that hurts the feelings of men who masturbate in the anuses of other men (IT ISN’T “ANAL SEX” – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “ANAL SEX”) and if they found they were, they would shut down the game.

What’s next?

Well, probably installing computer chips in people’s brains to rewire their thoughts. Anyone willing to shut down a soccer game because fans chant something that can hurt someone’s feelings (which is the whole purpose of soccer chants, in fact – to put the opposing team off by demoralizing them – this is an ancient tradition that goes back to Greece and Rome) would be willing to forcibly install a computer chip in your brain to control your thoughts.


We are living in a world of completely deranged madness.

And somehow we get called crazy for pointing it out.