Mexico Pollutes California Beaches with Millions of Gallons of Raw Sewage!

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2017

It looks like Mexico is waging a diabolical campaign of biological warfare against the United States. Not only are they sending millions upon millions of subhumans into our lands, but they are polluting our beaches with raw sewage! It doesn’t look like this was an accident either. There are people within the United States government already accusing Mexico of deliberately dumping the sewage.


A massive sewage spill from Mexico’s Tijuana River that polluted miles of coastland in Southern California and northern Mexico has prompted an investigation, with U.S. officials calling it deliberate and Mexican authorities saying it was an accident caused by heavy rain.

The pollution closed beaches and kept surfers and swimmers out of the ocean, drawing outrage from residents of the cross-border region.

Tensions are running high between Mexico and the United States after U.S. President Donald Trump promised to build a border wall, deport millions of Mexicans in the United States illegally and tax Mexican imports.

It is true that Mexicans are not able to maintain their infrastructure at a high standard but their excuse seems flimsy. It is hard to believe that heavy rain would have caused all of this raw sewage to flow into the ocean. We are talking about hundreds of millions of gallons of liquid shit!

The timing of this is especially suspicious considering President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and his intent to aggressively enforce immigration laws. Obviously the Mexican regime is none to happy about these developments. For decades they’ve used the United States as a dumping ground while ripping off the White man with massive trade deficits. Those days are coming to an end thanks to Trump.

A full investigation of this situation is warranted. Mexico has seemingly attacked the United States with a biological weapon in the form of liquid feces. At minimum, the Trump administration needs to adopt even tougher measures against the Mexican regime and demand reparations for contaminating our waters.