Mexico: Newspapers Publish Pics of Corpse of Woman Lover Tried to Cut Up and Flush Down Toilet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

She looks good, but the rule is the rule: somebody tired of that bitch’s shit and just can’t even take it no more.

This is one of the funniest Mexican murder stories I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a whole lot of funny Mexican murder stories.

First, the fact that Mexican newspapers published a mutilated corpse – all her skin was removed – on their covers is hilarious. It’s a standard Mexican journalistic practice, but it’s so funny now that these social justice ideas are moving down there and these women are like “how dare you publish this photo on the cover” and the Mexican media is like “what do you mean?”

The other funny thing is that the guy tried to cut her up and flush her down the toilet of the hotel. He called up his friend and was like “amigo, I keel my girlfriend, ese. What do I do?” and his friend was like “oh, amigo, bad news. You’re going to have to cut her up and flush her down the toilet, ese.”

The Independent:

The brutal murder of a young woman, who was allegedly stabbed to death by her partner, has sparked mass outrage in Mexico after photos of her mutilated body were leaked to the press.

Ingrid Escamilla had her organs and skin removed, in what is believed to have been an attempt to hide evidence of her grisly murder.

Leaked images of her mutilated body were then splashed on the front page of Mexican newspaper Pasala alongside the caption: “It was cupid’s fault”.

A suspect has been arrested, with the capital city’s mayor saying on Tuesday that prosecutors would request the maximum sentence for the 25-year-old’s murderer.

Mi dios, ese.

Her partner, who is doused in blood sitting in a police vehicle, can be heard telling police he stabbed Escamilla in a row over his drinking and admitting to getting rid of her body parts in drainage.

Critics hit out at the fact that harrowing photos of Escamilla had been published and shared photos of her looking happy and wearing brightly-coloured lipstick on social media – with the hashtags #IngridEscamilla and #JusticeForIngrid gaining traction.

Women are so stupid it just makes you sick.

What is the point of a #JusticeForIngrid hashtag? The killer is already in custody. What, do they think the police are just going to let him go with a warning?

They are so dumb that they might actually think this.

They’re out there protesting.

“Hey hey ho ho, these girlfriend murderers have got to go.”

Against a guy killing his girlfriend.

What is even the demand?

Murder is already illegal, even in Mexico, and a man ready to kill his girlfriend isn’t going to stop and think “oh yeah but I saw that protest saying it was wrong.”

If they want to demonstrate, they should demonstrate against women nagging their husbands, as that would actually prevent murders.