Mexico Making Moves to Legalize Cocaine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

It was obvious that Mexico was eventually going to be forced to do this, because it’s the only possible way they have to deal with the drug war.


In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a judge in Mexico City has granted two people the right to use, possess, and transport cocaine for personal recreational use.

The court ordered the national health regulator, COFEPRIS, to authorize the unnamed claimants to use the drug, but the organization has moved to block the court order, originally delivered in May, as it would constitute legal overreach on the regulator’s part.

Furthermore, the ruling must be reviewed and upheld by a higher court.

“This case represents another step in the fight to construct alternative drug policies that allow [Mexico] to redirect its security efforts and better address public health,” Mexico United Against Crime said in a statement.

The Mexican Supreme Court has authorized the use of recreational marijuana in certain cases as the country gradually shifts away from prohibitionist drug policies, particularly under new left-leaning president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. His party has introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis use.

There would be other ways to deal with the drug problem, but Mexico can’t really do any of those things. You would basically have to either stop the production, which would be a South American issue, or you would have to stop the demand, which would be a United States issue.

Mexico is only dealing with the trafficking side, as it is moved across their country, and with the gangs that move it into America. This creates serious problems for Mexico.

I’m not sympathizing with the Mexicans here, I’m just describing the situation. They are now more or less the most violent country on earth, totally run by drug cartels, and they are spending massive amounts of money to deal with these issues, and simply legalizing cocaine fixing most of the problem.

Although it will still be a very violent country, because Mexicans are very violent people.