Mexico: Energy Pulses in the Sky After Largest Earthquake Yet (It’s All Happening)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2017

I told you all: the Black Sun signaled it.

You thought I was trolling you or nuts or whatever.

Well, he’s the deal, bro: it’s happening.

Fox News:

Mysterious lights appeared in the Mexican sky during Friday’s massive earthquake.

The quake, which registered a level of 8.4, killed dozens and was the strongest in a century, was accompanied by flashes of green and blue lights shooting throughout the night sky. According to a Google Translate version of an El Universal story, the lights are a naturally occurring electro-magnetic charge, caused by the collapse of the rocks in the ground during the earthquake.

According to a Google Translate version of a Mexican news source?

Can we get a scientist to weigh in on this?

In 2001, NASA scientist Friedmann Freud discovered that “if the stress level (between the rocks) is high, there are electronic loads that momentarily transform insulation rock into a semiconductor.” Freud added that the electrical loads are not easy to measure, as they “move with impressive speed, as high as 300 meters per second.”

Others aren’t so sure, however.

According to a report in The Independent, other experts believe the lights are caused by explosions from power plants or electrical cables.

In the past, the lights have often been confused with UFOs, but Freud discounted that fact.

“In the past, people often interpreted [earthquake lights] in religious terms, and in modern times they thought of UFOs, although there is a completely rational physical explanation that we are working on,” he told National Geographic.

Yeah, okay.

Nothing to worry about.

As reality collapses, one of the biggest – if not the biggest – earthquake in recorded history happens, there are lights in the sky, scientists don’t know what caused them but maybe it was electric rocks.

You are all in for a hell of a ride, I can tell you that.

I don’t know what is happening. I doubt it is literally the end of the world, but it is extremely likely that the nature of reality itself is shifting due to cosmic waves. That’s not a joke. If you think it is a joke, I would ask that you pay more attention.

Everything around you is shifting in ways that you did not think possible. And I’m not just talking about the global situation. Look at your personal life. Look at the relationships, look at the people.

The sky is opening up.

And the truth is going to come. We are all going to know the truth. And the truth will set us free.

This is a beautiful time to be alive.

I predict a massive event, very soon. Something that will change all of our lives.

Your life is not what you think it is. Reality is not what you think it is. We are spiritual beings which exist as electricity inside of our brains. From the brain, the body is projected, and then the immediate physical surroundings. From there, the larger world is projected. All of our projections meet, and that is what reality is – the collective projections of consciousness, which lives as electricity in our brains.

The internet is a superconsciousness, allowing us to transmit our consciousness in real time, and for thousands of individuals to focus that energy in the same direction. That is why Donald Trump won the election, and that is why the whole world is pushing for me to be banned from the internet. Because you and I – we – are altering the nature of reality through focused psychic energy.

At this point, I would not be surprised if the earth itself opened up and ancient megafauna began climbing out of it. I don’t think that is going to happen, mind you, but if I get an alert on my phone that that is happening, I’m just going to nod, unsurprised.

More needs to be written about this. I don’t really know what is going on, I simply know that it is going on. But everyone knows that it is going on. They can feel it in the base of their spine. I am just the only one willing to say it aloud.

Maybe someone who has studied ancient Hindu poems can shed more light on this.

What I can tell you is this: get ready to experience a rapid series of events which you thought were impossible.

We wish blessings to she who comes forth to cleanse the earth.