Mexico: Conservative State Legalizes Gay Anal Marriage

When I was a kid, Mexicans were hardcore, and they’d wreck you for doing gay anal.

If you’re an Analist in Mexico, I’ve got great news for you: you can now get a gay anal marriage in conservative Mexico.

You can thereby pretend that you are something other than a mentally ill freak. You can say: “I’m just like a normal person, only instead of ejaculating into a vagina to produce children and a happy family, I masturbate into another man’s poop. It’s tomatoes v. tomatoes.”


The Congress of the Mexican state of Puebla voted to legalize same-sex marriages by an overwhelming majority on Tuesday, marking a step forward for LGBT rights in the predominantly Roman Catholic Latin American country.

Long one of the more conservative regions in Mexico, Puebla joins the majority of Mexico’s 32 states in recognizing same-sex marriages despite opposition from the Church and some traditionalist groups.

The push for marriage equality and LGBT rights has grown in Mexico over the last two decades, with discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation outlawed since 2003.

Masturbating into another man’s poop is true love.

Yes, Mexico has elections on the same day as the US.

They do that for the same reason that they legalize gay anal marriage: because they’re COPY CATS.