Mexico City: US Embassy Employee Charged with Drugging Tinder Dates and Taking Funny Pictures of Them

Culturally, Mexicans do not have a concept of “rape.”

Well, here’s a sex scandal for you.

Daily Beast:

A “naked, hysterical woman desperately screaming for help” from the balcony of an apartment leased by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City has led to allegations that an embassy staffer is a serial molester who drugged and sexually assaulted at least 23 victims over the past decade.

Investigators uncovered sickening photos and footage of unconscious women in Brian Jeffrey Raymond’s bed. In some, a man holds open their eyelids, waves their limp arms and legs, or puts his fingers in their mouth to show they are unconscious, prosecutors said. Raymond can be seen nude and aroused in some of the images, they said.

Prosecutors allege that Raymond continued using dating apps to meet women—one of whom who says she has only hazy memories of having sex with him—even after he knew he was under investigation.

The 44-year-old was arrested Oct. 9 in La Mesa, California, where he had been staying with his parents after abruptly quitting his job. Ten days later, a federal judge deemed Raymond a flight risk as well as a danger to the community and ordered him detained pending trial.

Court documents do not specify Raymond’s position at the Mexico City embassy, where he had been posted since 2018, and there are few traces of him on the internet. Prosecutors note that he speaks both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and worked in at least six different countries over more than two decades of federal service that Raymond’s defense lawyer described as “exemplary.” At least nine of the alleged attacks took place in Raymond’s official residence, according to authorities.

The Department of State declined to comment or provide further details, referring The Daily Beast to the Department of Justice which did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At the moment, the 44-year-old globe-trotter is charged with with one count of coercion and enticement , but the feds are certain there are more victims out there, having unearthed “numerous” chats between the suspect and various women who appear to be apologizing for blacking out, asking Raymond if they had sex, or saying they had no memory of the previous evening. Prosecutors anticipate bringing additional charges, they said in a motion to deny Raymond bail.

Since 2011, Raymond has “exerted power and control over unconscious women,” says the motion. Yet, everyone who knew him seemed completely unaware of his behavior, which authorities describe as “evidence of his unique ability to portray a very different public face.”

The first domino for Raymond fell this past May, when Mexico City police responded to reports of the naked woman in distress on the balcony of Raymond’s apartment, according to the detention memo filed by prosecutors. She appeared to be extremely intoxicated, couldn’t walk on her own, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, it says.

There, doctors found “injuries consistent with vaginal and anal penetration,” including lacerations to the woman’s rectum that were consistent with “the introduction of a hard object with blunt edges.” She also had bruises to her forearm, elbow, and knee, and a laceration on the inside of her cheek.

The woman had no recollection of any physical contact with Raymond, and couldn’t remember calling for help. She did, however, remember how she ended up in his apartment.

They met on Tinder, the woman explained, and had gotten together at an outdoor shopping center. Raymond brought a bottle of wine, which they drank out of coffee mugs, and eventually decided to continue their conversation at Raymond’s apartment. There, after some light snacks and another glass of wine, she suddenly blacked out.

Raymond, who claimed the encounter was consensual, was detained by Mexican police. He returned to the U.S. the next day, presumably avoiding local charges due to diplomatic immunity. After quarantining for two weeks in Northern Virginia, Raymond agreed to be interviewed by federal investigators and again insisted the sex in Mexico City had been consensual.

The agents seized his personal and work phones and what they found landed him behind bars. A forensic search of Raymond’s phones, laptop, and iCloud account turned up hundreds of photos and videos of naked, unconscious women being abused in both Mexico City and the Washington, D.C., metro area. Some of the women were snoring audibly. The “vast majority” of the images, which dated back to 2011, were linked to Raymond by metadata as well as bedding and furniture seen in them that matched his own.

Frankly, I have a pretty difficult time sympathizing with women who will meet a man on the internet and then go to his house for sex hours later. It is anti-social behavior. They are making their bodies available to random men, and this man was taking advantage of their decision to do so by acting out his weird thing he was doing.

I won’t defend this sort of behavior. Drugging women is one of the things you can do to women that I think is actually wrong.

But here’s the thing: tens of thousands of Mexicans have come to America and committed rape, and none of them have heavily promoted news stories written about them. In fact, the opposite: people don’t even know those crimes are happening. The media covers them up, often the prosecutors cover them up before the media gets a chance to.

And that’s not quirky comedy routine “rape” – it’s hardcore rape on the street with knives.

This is a man bites dog story, which is why it is interesting. But half the morons reading it don’t know that it’s man bites dog. The people who believe in the Fern Gully religion actually think that white men are rapists in the same way that statistics show that brown people and (in particular, frankly) black people are rapists.

They also live in a deranged opposite world where the media is covering up white crime and playing up black and brown crime. So they imagine that this is a powerful white man – one among many – who finally got caught.

Furthermore, Mexicans do really weird things, that you can’t really even imagine.

By the way, I don’t know that the embassy man is white. There is no picture of him. But given that he was successful with women on Tinder, I doubt he was black, and white is the only other race he would likely be with that name.

Also: I don’t know how they’re going to prosecute this case, especially inside the US. Yes, it sounds like he was drugging women, but there can’t be any evidence this far after the events allegedly happened. Photos don’t mean much, as the women could have just been drunk or have fallen asleep. Or, maybe they “consensually” took drugs that he offered them?