Mexico City Outlaws Gay Conversion Therapy

When I first saw the headline, I will admit that it was on Reddit. Yeah, I read reddit – so what? I’m totally comfortable in my masculinity.

When I saw the headline, I could only see “Mexico City Outlaws Gay Conversion,” and I thought, “great – no more homosexual men preying on teenage boys and converting them to homosexuals!”

But there was another word in that headline, unfortunately.


Mexico City’s regional congress on Friday approved a bill to criminalize gay conversion therapy, in a step hailed as a major victory for Mexico’s gay and lesbian community.

Methods applied by proponents of conversion therapy to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity have ranged from psychological counseling to religious instruction and even electroshock therapy. The practice has become widely discredited in recent years.

In a virtual session, Mexico City’s lawmakers passed the bill, which received broad cross-party support.

Conversion therapy providers now face up to five years in prison, with higher sentences for those who subject minors to the practice.

Under the new law, conversion therapy is defined as psychological or psychiatric measures or treatments which intend to “nullify, hinder, modify or undermine” the expression of a person’s gender identity or their sexual orientation.

You might be wondering about all of these third world countries implementing all of these weird social engineering agendas, given that traditionally, these countries are very socially conservative.

Well, let me go ahead and explain that for you: right now, the White Western World is being systematically converted to third worldism in various ways. We are bringing in masses of brown people, we are moving into low level, base political corruption, we are moving into total poverty. But we are keeping the homosexualism and the feminism.

If we want to create a one-world government, that means we need to get everyone on the exact same playing field. That means that third worlders have to start adopting the social sickness of the first world, at the same time that we are adopting their problems. That way, everything will be exactly the same everywhere, and tearing down the borders will just be an afterthought.

That’s why Mexico is going full homo.