Mexico City: “Industrial Scale” Fentanyl and Meth Lab Shut Down

The United States in 2020 has the biggest drug problem of any country ever in all of history.

Half of Mexico’s economy is based on supplying the United States with drugs.


Soldiers and police in Mexico seized an industrial-scale meth and fentanyl lab that was so big it startled investigators, federal prosecutors announced Sunday.

The lab had chemical preparation vats about two stories tall that could process 11,000 pounds (5,000 kilograms) of raw material at a time, said Felipe de Jesus Gallo of the federal Attorney General’s Office.

“In the Attorney General’s Office, we have no record of any seizure of equipment of this size before,” Gallo said.

The mega-lab was uncovered this past week in a storefront advertising industrial cleaning products on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Behind the storefront was a warehouse, with tall stacks of drums and 265-gallon (1,000 liter) tanks holding precursor chemicals, which Gallo said could be used to produce methamphetamines and the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Code-named “Blue,” the coordinated series of raids also hit other properties in the northern state of Durango, Mexico City and the surrounding State of Mexico.

At one property in Mexico City, authorities arrested an engineer who allegedly built and ran labs for an organized crime group. A drum of what appeared to be a precursor of fentanyl was found as well as written instructions on how to process it.

It would be nice if this was a top story before the election. It would be good for Donald Trump. Which is why you won’t hear anything about it.

Our people are being destroyed by these drugs. There is no one in this country who doesn’t know someone who’s died of them. Trump made it a cornerstone of his 2016 campaign to stop Mexico from flooding us with drugs, and he’s done his best to follow through on that promise.

The Democrats are openly saying they’re going to open the border up completely.