Mexico: Cartels Involved in Widescale Kidnap-Torture-Murder of Police

No one knows what the Jews mean when they claim that Mexicans are “enriching us with their vibrant culture.”

However, if we look at Mexico, we can get an idea of what Mexican culture is, and therefore expect what we are going to start seeing in America as America becomes more Mexicanized.


The notoriously violent Jalisco cartel has responded to Mexico’s “hugs, not bullets” policy with a policy of its own: The cartel kidnapped several members of an elite police force in the state of Guanajuato, tortured them to obtain names and addresses of fellow officers and is now hunting down and killing police at their homes, on their days off, in front of their families.

It is a type of direct attack on officers seldom seen outside of the most gang-plagued nations of Central America and poses the most direct challenge yet to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s policy of avoiding violence and rejecting any war on the cartels.

But the cartel has already declared war on the government, aiming to eradicate an elite state force known as the Tactical Group which the gang accuses of treating its members unfairly.

“If you want war, you’ll get a war. We have already shown that we know where you are. We are coming for all of you,” reads a professionally printed banner signed by the cartel and hung on a building in Guanajuato in May.

“For each member of our firm (CJNG) that you arrest, we are going to kill two of your Tacticals, wherever they are, at their homes, in their patrol vehicles,” the banner read, referring to the cartel by its Spanish initials.

Officials in Guanajuato — Mexico’s most violent state, where Jalisco is fighting local gangs backed by the rival Sinaloa cartel — refused to comment on how many members of the elite group have been murdered so far.

Is kidnapping and torture-murdering the cops a vibrant cultural norm? Yes, definitely.

Do we want more of this in America? Well, it depends on what you think of the cops, I guess.

Are we going to get this sort of thing as we become more Mexicanized, due to our population becoming a majority Mexican? Yes, definitely.

The theory put forward by the Jews is that once Mexicans step foot on American soil, they stop being Mexican. Also, they enrich us with their culture (which in theory they no longer have, because they are no longer Mexican).

Regardless of wacky Jewish claims, we are becoming more Mexicanized, and we are getting the problems of Mexico along with that Mexicanization.

Personally, I think that America being run by Mexican drug gangs would be better than the current America. Mexico is definitely a much better country than America. However, most people probably disagree with those two statements.