Mexico: Cartel Convoy Does Hollywood-Style Ambush, Opens Fire on Police Patrol Cars and Reinforcements

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2019

Every time you see Mordor stuff or hear talk of Mordor stuff, ask yourself “do we have this in America?”

Most times the answer is “no, not yet.”

But it’s coming.

Daily Mail:

Four police officers have been killed and seven others wounded in gang attacks in western Mexico.

The Michoacan state prosecutors’ office said attackers opened fire on one patrol vehicle and then twice ambushed reinforcements that were sent in to help on Sunday.

The office said three officers died in the attacks in the city of Zamora, and Mayor Martin Samaguey later said a fourth had died of wounds suffered in the shootings.

The prosecutors’ office did not identify which gang was behind the attack in the city of Zamora. However, prosecutors said one of the attackers’ trucks had been found and local media published photos of the pickup with the letters ‘CJNG’ on its door.

Those are the Spanish initials of the violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

A video posted on social media around the time of the attack showed a convoy of pickup trucks and SUVs, apparently about two dozen, all with criminal group’s initials neatly painted on the doors.

Criminals in Mexico do selfie-like videos before ambushing police to share on social media as if it were normal because in Mexico that is indeed normal.

Everyday Mexico.

Extreme violence and its consequences are not even unsettling for Mexicans.

There’s a lust for demonic physical violence deep within their blood.

These brown jungle apes were already like that when our people first encountered them.

This is not the result of white people enslaving them, or not giving them enough free shit, or the result of colonialism or whatever the veterinarians claim caused blacks’ inherent problems.

This is what they are.

If you search for “Jalisco Cartel” videos on the Internet, for instance, you’ll find examples of their demonic blood lust depicted in the above drawings manifesting nowadays in their killings.

For creatures that laugh while they take the heart out of living victims, and blow kids up with dynamite, forming a convoy to attack police in an ambush reminiscent of action movie scenes is nothing.

This is their everyday life.

This is Mexico.