Mexico Bans Sale of Junk Food to Children

Mexico is known for making smart moves.


The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca banned the sale, distribution and advertising of junk food and sugary drinks to children on Wednesday, becoming the nation’s first state to do so.

Members of Oaxaca’s congress broke into applause after approving the measure, which aims to improve child health in a country with high rates of diabetes and obesity.

“We pushed for this transformation so children have a healthy nutrition that is adequate for their well-being and their development, instead of consumption habits that are dictated by interests of industry,” said Oaxacan congresswoman Magaly Lopez in a speech to the state’s legislative body.

Mexicans have long struggled with high rates of obesity and diabetes, and the novel coronavirus has hit people suffering from those illnesses particularly hard.

If anything good could come from this coronavirus hoax, it would be people deciding to address the obesity crisis.

Of course, in America, we can’t ban the sale of poisonous junk food to children, because of freedom. You might not have the freedom to leave your house, or walk around without a mask, or have a party in your house, but dammit, you need the freedom to feed poison to fat children.

In actual reality, the government should ban this food outright. We’ve banned the sale of other poisons. Fat people create a drain on society, and there is absolutely no reason they should have the right to indulge themselves at the expense of everyone else.