Mexico: 133 Politicians Murdered So Far in Run-Up to Elections

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018


We have to let all of these people come live in America.

It is the only solution to these problems, which are absolutely in no way any fault of their own… but a result of colonialism.

And why would we not help them? They will help us. Mass immigration from the third world is great for the economy.

And these are peaceful people.

Daily Sabah:

A total of 133 politicians have been murdered in the run-up to Mexico’s elections on Sunday, the consulting firm Etellekt said, as the violence gripping the country exploded into politics on a record scale.

The murders — mostly of local-level politicians, the most frequent targets for Mexico’s powerful drug cartels — were recorded between September, when candidate registration opened, and the close of campaigning on Wednesday, when an interim mayor was killed in the western state of Michoacan.

The victims included 48 candidates running for office — 28 who were killed during the primary campaigns and 20 during the general election campaign, Etellekt, which carried out a study of election-related violence, told AFP Thursday.

“This violence has been concentrated at the local level. At least 71 percent of these attacks have been against elected officials and candidates running for office at the local level,” said the firm’s director, Ruben Salazar.

“This is the result of very serious problems of governability at the local level,” he told Mexican radio network Formula.

Just one of the victims was running for federal office, he said.

It is by far the most violent election on record in Mexico, which also registered a record number of murders across the board last year: 25,339.

“In the 2012 elections… there were only nine politicians murdered and one candidate, according to our records,” said Salazar.

I wonder why this isn’t in the mainstream news in America…

Ah you know what it probably is?

Racists would take a story like this, and twist and manipulate it to try and make people believe that Mexicans are violent.

Racist haters who oppose completely unrestricted immigration from every third world country on the planet will twist the facts to fit their agenda.

Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever that Mexicans are violent. The only thing these murders show is that Mexico is an ultra violent country. But racists will try to conflate the two, in order to spread their hatreds.