Mexicans Quickly Losing Faith in Democracy; Indigenous Communities Refuse to Participate in Election, Block Roads

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2018

This is fake, and gay.

And stupid.

And, also, annoying.

Aztec “Democracy” is basically a joke, a joke that no one is laughing at any more. Except for those people in the crowds – they’re laughing I guess, or feeling something – but, those are Aztecs, not people. I almost didn’t even write this article because of how fake, gay, stupid and annoying the subject is, but I figured that if I didn’t, you might read about it somewhere else, and think that it is a real thing.

There is the fact that 20%+ of Mexicans have lost faith in Democracy in last 14 years. That’s the only really interesting thing here, since it reflects on a global trend in the West. Of course, Mexico is part of the West the same way that India is part of the English-speaking world – as a failed project, and as a people who could never really be made to start acting like European hu-white people, and stop acting like the people they are.

But, in the case of Mexico and Latin America in general, their entire identity is a schizophrenic mix of an inferiority complex, wishing that they were Spain, and having a “la raza” victim complex, hating Spain for destroying their romantic sun-worshipping, child-sacrificing Aztec traditions.

It’s a strange thing that goes on in that shrunken frontal cortex.

But, the point is that, our social trends trickle down to them, so Mexico losing faith in Democracy is a sign of what the West is projecting to the world.

I’ll try my best to explain Democracy in Mexico in one image.

You have a bunch of turd-skinned indios doing the Che Guevarra fist-pumping thing and just LOVIN’ IT like an obese black woman at McDonald’s, because they do not get the joke, and you have the one guy in the crowd who looks relatively like a person – could maybe pass for Italian – just looking down at his phone like “lol, what is this shit?” because he gets the joke, but he’s not laughing, because it’s not funny.

It’s a joke with multiple layers. First, there’s the initial black humor of the notion of Aztec “society,” when Mexico is running at a new high score of 93 murders a day, which makes chimpanzee “society” look like a real thing by comparison, as it is peaceful and ordered compared to Aztec behavior.

Then, on top of this, there is another layer of “if only you knew how bad things really were” tragicomedy in the notion of Aztec “Democracy” as a form of Aztec “society,” when there have been 133 politicians assassinated in this election as of the last counting. This would invalidate it under any reasonable standard of “free and fair elections,” a thing which almost never happens in practice anyway, but which cannot even happen in theory if you cannot vote for a genuinely anti-cartel candidate because all of those have been murdered, or intimidated into not even running.

Mexico News Daily:

Andrés Manuel López Obrador won a landslide victory in Sunday’s presidential election, winning between 53% and 53.8% of the vote according to the “quick count” conducted by the National Electoral Institute (INE).

Is it really necessary to put the term “quick count” in quotation marks there, Pedro?

The results of the conteo rápido as it is called gave Ricardo Anaya of the For Mexico in Front coalition between 22.1% and 22.8% and José Antonio Meade of the ruling party-led Everyone For Mexico coalition between 15.7% and 16.3%.

Apparently, counting something quickly is such a unique and novel invention that it justifies inserting its own name in original burrito-speak into an English-language article, by the standards of Mexican intellectuals.

Independent Jaime Rodríguez Calderón trailed with a range of 5.3% to 5.5%.

Voter turnout was 62.9% to 63.8%, the INE said.

The institute announced the results a few minutes after 11:00pm, sticking with its promise to have the numbers ready before 11:30. The count is based on a sample of votes from 5% of all the polling stations in the country.

Basically, the election result was clear and inevitable months in advance.

All Democracy is of course gay and stupid, but as far as Democracies go, the United States is by far the most interesting one, such that it is difficult for an American audience which is justifiably uninterested in the rest of the world to understand just how fake, gay and stupid democracy can be in other countries.

Like every American election in my lifetime with the exception of Trump, this Mexican one was just a choice between what color of paint to put on the same old behemoth, a spectacle devoid of real choices, and a ritual act of submission in which the individual disciple of the state religion would write down the name of their leader and put it in a box, as an act of submission to a system opposed to their race and to the natural order, for which no alternative was offered.

This, basically.

However, unlike this Mexican election, and Latin American elections in general, American elections are at least interesting spectacle, because they are relatively close, not at 53% to 22% that just leaves a writer asking himself “what I am I going to write tomorrow when Lopez Obrador wins?”

Even Obama vs McCain, which was basically McCain winning one more victory for communism by throwing an election he was too old and low-energy to win against a magic negro, was a competitive, edge-of-my-seat election compared to the tiresome rituals across this backwards part of the world.

At least it produces weird, funny things we can laugh about.

Like this.


Mexican voters will stream to the polls this Sunday in a pivotal presidential contest, but leaders representing tens of thousands of indigenous people have vowed to block voting in their communities to protest a system they say has failed them.

Polls say Mexico is on the verge of electing its first leftist anti-establishment president in modern history, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But the prospect of change has failed to resonate with inhabitants of small towns nestled in the lush, wooded countryside of southwestern Michoacan state.

Lopez Obrador is about as authentically anti-establishment as Milo Yiannopoulos is authentically alt-right – except that Milo is less of a faggot.

Residents here have destroyed campaign signs and set up blockades to prevent the government from delivering ballots. Election officials have declared 16 towns here “unviable,” and will not likely risk confrontation to force polling stations to open.

Among the no-go zones is the impoverished hamlet of Nahuatzen, where Purepecha indigenous locals grow avocados and eke out a living on tiny plots. On Thursday, several dozen men, some in cowboy hats, stood vigil near the town’s entrance. They had laid a tree trunk across the road to stop outsiders from entering.

“The politicians haven’t done anything besides enrich themselves and they’ve left us behind,” said Antonio Arriola, a member of a recently-created indigenous council that has petitioned the Mexican government for autonomy.

After word spread on Friday that local party bosses may try to deliver ballots in their personal cars, indigenous leaders said they would use bulldozers to dig a trench in the main road to strengthen their blockade, a tactic already employed in a nearby town.

They are basically rejecting what they think is the white man’s religion and his stupid little cult of the state, and refusing to engage in ritual submission to a system that even their 85-IQ indio brains can figure out is screwing them over.

Of course, they are doing it for cringy, indigenous reasons.

This, basically.

But, I mean, someone has to do it. Fuck Democracy.

Arriola and other local leaders grudgingly acknowledged some common ground with Lopez Obrador, the 64-year-old former Mexico City mayor who got his start in politics decades ago advocating for indigenous rights.

But Arriola said the Purepecha have learned the hard way not to pin their hopes on promises coming from politicians, even ones that purport to have their best interests in mind.

“Our roads, schools and health care have been in the gutter for more than 40 years,” he said.

Nahuatzen is part of a growing movement among Mexico’s indigenous communities, who are seeking self-rule and turning their backs on mainstream elections.

Dissent in Michoacan ignited seven years ago, ahead of the 2012 presidential election, when just one jurisdiction, the municipality of Cheran, opted out of voting. This year, the boycott spread to six additional municipalities affecting dozens of polling stations across the 16 towns, home to at least 50,000 voters.

And that’s the gem, here. One jurisdiction in 2012, seven in 2018.

Even the indios are getting sick of this bullshit. The government is owned by the narcos, the narcos are owned by drugs and money, and the indios who identify as indios can see it, whereas the indios who identify as Mexicans – a term which basically means nothing – have not all figured it out yet.

Agitation has likewise spread to traditional Maya communities in the southern Mexican states of Chiapas and Guerrero.

Indigenous leaders in at least six towns and small cities in those states are also pledging to block balloting on Sunday. That could impact tens of thousands more voters.

Electoral authorities may set up polling stations outside towns that have rejected them, allowing those who want to vote to do so, said Erika Barcenas, a lawyer based in Morelia, Michoacan’s capital, who advises communities that want more autonomy.

“But I think the view of the majority is a more global rejection, a rejection of political parties and of the kind of democracy we have right now,” she said.

The growing complaints of indigenous Mexicans appear to track a broader restlessness in the country, where widespread political corruption, drug violence and entrenched poverty have fueled discontent.

Support for democracy among Mexicans plummeted from slightly more than 70 percent in 2004 to just under half last year, according to data from the Latin America Public Opinion Project.

Anyone with eyes can see what is going on.

Anyone can see that Democracy means childless old hags rubbing their hands together as they enthusiastically follow the orders of international Jewish capitalists to open their borders to a flood of welfare-scamming terrorists.

Anyone can see that it means a permanent, faceless bureaucracy that keeps policy the same, no matter how many presidents go through office, and chambers of greedy, spineless congressmen who will not give the people things they explicitly vote for, like a wall.

And anyone can see the rise of China, of a system that can engage in long term planning, and choose its own people over the bottom line.

Anyone can see that this is not working – and with the rise of Imperator Salvini, we can begin to see something that has worked before coming over the horizon.

As all the Jewish press pines and pines about this new, meaningless result, they are too eager to sweep under the rug the meaningful result of this otherwise meaningless election:

Unprecedented disenchantment with a failing system, and an exponential growth in open rebellion, not against this party or that party, but against the whole charade.

In the 1980s, China was a wasteland with no infrastructure, full of illiterate peasants, devastated by the second World War, the civil war between the republicans and communists, and the disaster of first-generation communism. And now, forty years later, they’re establishing themselves as an industrial and economic power that is overtaking our own.

That is how quickly history happens.

Democracy as a system is faltering across the world, and something new will grow out of it.

You will see great things happen within your lifetime.

All you have to do is let go of those things which truly do not matter, and make them happen.

You will see your nation rise to greatness, under the leadership of great men.