Mexicans Celebrate The Day of the Dead by Exhuming Corpses, Blowing Kids Up with Dynamite

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

Halloween is not enough for them. They need more.

Mexicans have a holiday called Day of the Dead, where they celebrate and worship the one thing they’re capable of producing: dead people.


The Day of the Dead is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Mexico. But in every region of the country it has distinguishing features.

Like in Pomuch, a Mayan zone found north of Campeche, where the community has kept a singular custom: they exhume their dead and clean their bones before the Day of the Dead, as a celebration of their memory.

Mexicans don’t really relate to people the same way you and I do. They can’t connect emotionally with the living, and so they turn the living into the dead in order to develop meaningful relationships.

At least that’s what it seems like. Why, then, would they dedicate so much time to un-living people?

Some may say they love to murder and kill, but those words are too strong, and too racist. They don’t view death as we do, and so it isn’t fair to apply the same standards and words for the same actions performed by them.

We have to understand this rich culture.

If they love their dead, they don’t see killing and murdering as something necessarily bad. It’s just a change of state.

You see all this terrible news about Mexican violence, cartel violence, and other stuff, and you think they’re terrible monsters. But they’re not. What you see as horrendous torture and killing – it’s just like cooking for them. Okay, not exactly like cooking. But you know what I mean. It’s a loving transition, just like a sex change.

Isn’t that what we need in this day and age? More love?

Every year, before November 1st, Pomuch inhabitants get the bones of their loved ones out of their tombs and put them in a white blanket with the embroidered name of their dead relative and some special message.

See? Nowadays everyone’s hypnotized with their smartphones and the living can’t relate with one another.

Mexicans are fighting to change that.

Yes, they do have to kill first, but is that really so wrong, if it means deeper human relationships for them?

In the traditional offering – where people put lamps, photographs, cempasúchil flowers, incense, water, salt and dishes and drinks that the defunct used to enjoy – Pomuch inhabitants also put on clothes used by the dead in life or some other symbolic object.

Mexicans sure love death.

They love their dead so much, they’re always thinking of new ways to create more of them.


A newly surfaced video shows a new level of savagery by Mexican drug cartel members, as they strap sticks of dynamite to a child and to one of their rivals, only to light the fuses and blow them up.

They’re also world-leaders in dead rights.

Really, when was the last time that you played with a dead person? Stop ignoring them, bigot. They’re all around you.


A leaked video obtained by the Breitbart Texas shows a crew of Gulf Cartel gunmen preparing to incinerate dozens of murdered victims. They are also seen playing soccer with a human head.

Our Western programming does not let us see their wisdom. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking stuff like this is terrible.

The Sun:

Brutal Mexican Zetas cartel leader chopped up girl, 6, with an axe while she was still ALIVE in front of her parents so they would ‘remember’ him

The parents probably ignored the girl, and the cartel leader wanted to improve their relationship. After all, Mexicans do love their dead more than their living.

There’s no “Day of the Living” in Mexico.

Mexican cartels are likely not as bad as they want us to think.

Sure, they kill – but they do it with a creativity and a sense of humor that shows their free spirits and vibrant culture.

Did you know that they have this thing where they send videos of them killing a rival to another cartel, then that cartel sends them (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHICa video of one of them getting killed, and they go back and forth in some twisted sexting kind of activity?


They also make a family activity out of dying.

There are plenty of videos where you can see these cartel dreamers pulling (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) father and son closer together by torturing and killing them.

It sounds horrible to us because we don’t love death – but they do, so who are we to judge?

And yes, the way they (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) remove the heart of the boy while he’s still alive is shocking. But how much of that shock is due to our racism? Can we really know?

Torture is a Mexican tradition, even their military engages in it. It’s a cultural thing, and they’re offering to enrich our culture with it. So what’s the problem, then? We’re clearly missing this rich aspect of theirs.

Don’t you want a little death?

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