Mexicans are Actually More Violent Than the Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2019

Many are shocked to find out that Mexicans are actually literally more violent than the blacks.


Mexican authorities are investigating the murder of 14 victims, including an infant, during a party in the coastal state of Veracruz. The murder marks the latest episode of violence in a region where cartel gunmen openly challenge Mexico’s government and appear to surpass the capabilities of police agencies.

The murders took place on Friday night in the town of Minatitla which is located in the southern part of Veracruz. According to Mexico’s Proceso, the gunmen stormed a restaurant bar called La Potra during a private party. The gunmen allegedly tried to kidnap the owner of the business. As some of the people in attendance tried to intervene, the cartel assassins began firing indiscriminately into the crowd killing 13 adults and one infant.,The gunmen wounded four others.

The murder victims included five women, seven men, and the young infant male.

After the attack, Veracruz’s Public Safety Secretary Hugo Gutierrez Maldonado announced a sear operation in an attempt to capture the cartel gunmen.

Part of the issue is that Mexicans are more intelligent than blacks, so they are just better at organizing violence.

But it also seems that the Mexican racial soul is just more driven to violence.

We know about their history.

It is really and truly unbelievable that we are bringing tens of millions of these people into our country and being told that it will lower our crime rate, because Mexicans are less violent than white people.