Mexican Samurai Decapitates White Female with Katana

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2018

Jacob Gonzales.

It is important we bring to light this threat from Mexico.

The Mexican government/cartels are now clearly sending their best (killers, at least). The Mexican Samurai are feared the world over for their deadly precise strikes which leave only the faint smell of tequila behind.

I managed to find the footage of this fighter entering the country, but I wouldn’t watch it if I didn’t have a strong stomach.

Daily Mail:

A California man was charged in the beheading death of a woman on Friday after his DNA was found on the samurai sword believed to be the murder weapon.

Police believe that 33-year-old Jacob Gonzales of Los Banos, California, is currently hiding out in Merced County, according to the Island County Sheriff’s office.

He had been originally charged with firearms and vehicle theft when law enforcement found 26-year-old Katherine Cunningham’s body on March 3.

Her body had been found on Camano Island, a remote area in Washington.

Close to the body, detectives discovered a bunker in the hillside. Inside were supplies, ammunition and firearms.

Katherine Cunningham.