Mexican Pipe Explosion Shows the Future Awaiting a Diverse America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

This is the type of thing that happens in third world (brown) countries that does not happen in first world (white) countries.

Fox News:

Grief-stricken family members and witnesses to Friday’s pipeline explosion in central Mexico — which killed at least 73 people, burning many to just bones or ash, and injured at least 74 — were still reeling from the tragedy Saturday.

“Some people’s skin came off. … It was very ugly, horrible. People screamed and cried,” local journalist Veronica Jimenez told Reuters.

She said she arrived at the scene before the explosion, watching as some 300 people carried containers to collect fuel from an illegal tap in the pipeline Friday evening.

After the blast, “They shouted the names of their husbands, brothers, their family members,” she recalled, of people searching for loved ones.

On Saturday, health officials were taking DNA samples from relatives to help identify the dead, dozens of whom were badly burned. Hugo Olvera Estrada said he visited six nearby hospitals hoping to find his 13-year-old son, who joined the crowd at the spill and remains missing.

“Ay, no, where is my son?” he wailed.

Unless “magic dirt theory” is true, and by transferring their location brown people suddenly become more intelligent and more competent, then this sort of thing is awaiting us in our diverse future.

Right now, every single industry is being bullied into diversifying their workforce, and as this process happens, we are going to see more and more third world style disasters taking place in America (and every other white country).

We recently saw a latino doctor remove someone’s kidney after mistaking it for a cancerous tumor.

We all remember the infamous “feminist bridge” collapse, and the Mexican woman who headed up that project.

Affirmative action white women are dangerously incompetent enough, but when you make it affirmative action brown women, your doom is ensured.

We are going to start seeing more of these medical problems, along with a lot of engineering-related problems as we continue this march to replace white people in positions of power.

Right-wingers talk a lot about “our people, our heritage, our nation” as idealistic abstractions. I of course support idealism, but there is also the much more practical problem that as we continue to bring these low-IQ brown people into our countries and then use weird social-engineering programs to shimmy them into positions that they are not qualified for, everything is going to stop working on a basic level.

We should be looking at this deadly Mexican pipe explosion and asking ourselves “is this the future we want for America?”

Because that is the future we are ushering in with Jewish invasionist programs.

And I do think that this is probably a better pitch to the normies than any ideology-based pitch. People are so beaten down and brainwashed that the arguments from ideology are confusing to the average person, but everyone is able to grasp the fact that deadly explosions are bad.