Mexican Molests 10-Year-Old Girl, Blames Her for Flirting with Him

Modern Heretic
June 17, 2015

Ey, I vote for Rand Paul, I theeennk.
Ey, I vote for Rand Paul, I theeennk.

Race is real. A nation of wise la-teen-ohs is going to create a very different culture than one made up of dull and boring Whites. Here’s a free tip Loser Party: the may-hee-can is not compatible with Western values. The same third world malfunction they’re fleeing from comes with them, a dark foul cloud hanging over brown aliens. Noticing this is, of course, “races” and evil. Being displaced by vile invaders is the right thing to do, after all. And we’ll get them to vote for the Republican party! Just apply the right kind of gutless pandering and Pedro will vote for paycheck conservatives, trust us. Sure, there’s going to be some national collapse, but you want Jeb Bush and the squat monster he married ruling over the ruins instead of some lesbian witch, right?

Keep supporting this.
Keep supporting this.

ABC 15

A Mexican National has been accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl at a church in Tempe.

Natural conservatives. Family values. This unprecedented peaceful conquest of a dead nation is the best thing to ever happen to us. We’ll teach these pieces of walking dog shit to support Israel and tax breaks for the wealthy. Or 70% will support communism, whatever, it’s still a great thing because Whites are bad.

Hilario Ortiz Baltazar, 45, was booked into jail under suspicion of aggravated assault and molestation of a child on June 7, 2015.

You don’t make anything better by adding millions of la-teen-ohs to it. An illegal alien comes to the U.S.S.A. for better child sex, doing the molestations that Americans won’t. This is an act of love.

According to court paperwork, the man allegedly grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled it towards his crotch then kissed her arm, caressed her back and touched her butt May 31 while attending service at St. Margaret’s Church near Loop 101 and Apache Boulevard.

While sitting in a demonic false church that promotes communism and the sodomite agenda this burrito-biter attacked a child. Enriching diversity, steaming chunky sewage pouring from the open border pipeline. We’ll get them to support “Red,” go back to sleep.

Baltazar told the girl to meet him at the church at the same time next week. He then left on his bicycle.

Ma-hee-can slime sets up a regular Sunday thing. Bicycle as a getaway car. Just think of them as sawed-off brown Whites that speak another language and are somewhat more “open minded” when it comes to perverted sex crimes.

The man was arrested on June 7. In interviews with police, the man claimed the girl was being flirtatious with him

Clearly a child is responsible for the sick actions of this worthless fence-jumper. This is the mind and anti-soul of the la-teen-oh. She wanted it. I be moy macho, which way to welfare office, mang.

He then, according to documents, asked the officer if he could go back to Mexico once the interview was finished.

I guess this is what Mitt Romney would call self-deportation. See, this massive problem is solving itself. Go back to your sports and beer, your false church and jew worship. Everything’s fine. Vote Republican.