Mexican Individual Apologizes TWICE for Singing Along with a Song

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

I don’t even know who this bitch is. But it turns out I do remember her – for something else she apologized for!

It’s kind of a hilarious idea that people you’ve never heard of are in the media for making apologies.

“Who is that bitch? Oh, she’s some person who apologizes for things.”

Daily Mail:

Gina Rodriguez has offered a second apology for singing the N-word while reciting the Fugees song Ready Or Not.

After being criticized for her initial apology, the Jane The Virgin star took to her Instagram feed to share a text post that explained how ‘thoughtless’ she had been.

‘In song or in real life, the words that I spoke, should not have been spoken,’ the 35-year-old Chicago native wrote.

She went on: ‘I grew up loving the Fugees and Lauryn Hill. I thoughtlessly sang along to the lyrics of a favorite song, and even worse, I posted it. The word I sang, carries with it a legacy of hurt and pain that I cannot even imagine.’

‘Whatever consequences I face for my actions today, none will be more hurtful than the personal remorse I feel. Watching my own video playing back at me, has shaken me to my core.

‘It is humiliating that this has to be a public lesson but it is indeed a much deserved lesson. I feel so deeply protective and responsible to the community of color but I have let this community down. I have some serious learning and growing to do and I am so deeply sorry for the pain I have caused.’

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Gina’s second apology comes after she sparked outrage after using the N-word on Instagram on Tuesday.

The actress sat in the makeup chair singing Lauryn Hill’s verses of the song when the racial epitaph easily flew out of her mouth.

She sat in hair and makeup while singing the back end of the song: ‘I can do what you do … believe me … n****s give me hee-bee-gee-bees.’

Okay well I mean, black people put the songs out there, they sell them to white people – or in this case, a Mexican woman – and then they flip out when we sing along with them.

Or so we are told.

In actual fact, Lauren Hill is not the person flipping out about this. It’s a Twitter mafia of whiny social justice people controlled by Jews.

Lauren Hill is a dumb nigger and a stupid bitch, but I doubt she would be so petty as to complain about this bullshit.

This is all just part of a bizarre program to get people to force-regulate their own speech and other social behavior. It is Pavlovian training to create a new form of willing slave.

It has nothing at all to do with the alleged hurt feelings of a bunch of stupid niggers who are not paying attention to this.

Gina Rodriguez had previously been forced to apologize for saying there were too many black people in Black Panther, claiming it should’ve had Mexicans.

She broke down crying in an interview after having been harassed about that tweet.

Honestly, I follow the whole political correctness thing very closely, and I still am not able to really verbalize why it is wrong for a Mexican woman to ask why there are no Mexicans in Black Panther.

I can kind of sort of maybe get a vague idea of what they were getting at in attacking her over this, but it is not clear enough in my mind to form into sentences.

And that is how they want everyone to feel about these politically correct misstatements. They want there to just be this vague, confused idea that everything you say could potentially be an evil wrong-speak, so you have to be always in a constant state of self-monitoring, lest you be crucified by a mob.

And the fact that it is constantly changing certainly plays into this. You have to keep downloading these continual updates telling you that new things are wrong to think and say.