Mexican Government Whines About Detention Camp Forced Hysterectomy Conspiracy Theory

“I just cut out her uterus.”

The money sent home by migrants is a huge part of the Mexican economy.

They also use America as a dumping ground for their own criminal element.

They’re not really in a position to whine.


Mexico said on Wednesday said it had formally requested a report from U.S. authorities regarding alleged negligent practices in U.S. immigration detention centers, citing accusations of sexual abuse and unauthorized hysterectomies.

The request come after a complaint by a whistleblower nurse alleging that detainees in a Georgia immigration detention facility had improperly received hysterectomies and other gynecological procedures.

The complaint did not specify the nationality of the affected detainees.

In a separate case, the Mexican ministry said its consulate in El Paso, Texas was in contact with a Mexican woman and her lawyer after an allegation of sexual abuse by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

It did not give more details.

This was an idiotic rape hoax almost as dumb as the forced hysterectomy theory.

The perils of an absolute policy of believing everything that a woman says, even when she is obviously lying, are on full display.

In August, ProPublica and The Texas Tribune reported allegations of a guard sexually abusing detainees including a Mexican woman at an El Paso immigration detention center. ICE at the time said the accusations would be investigated.

The ministry said both consulates were seeking clarity from U.S. authorities and trying to identify any affected Mexicans.

It said Mexico had activated consular protection mechanisms and that consular personnel had increased attention at the detention centers to ensure rights were respected, the ministry said.

“The government of Mexico will promptly follow up through its various diplomatic and legal instruments to fully understand what happened,” the ministry said in a statement.

If Mexico doesn’t want their people to be abused, they should stop sending them here.

The fact that they have the nerve to come at us like, “those criminals we sent to invade your country say you’re mean to them, how dare you?” shows that we are not asserting our dominance in the way we should be.