Mexican Government Helps Mexican Victims of El Paso Shooting File Lawsuits Against Walmart

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

Browns always feel entitled to be given stuff because it is their nature to destroy, and as such, creation, production, and inventiveness are just not parts of their being. Thus, taking and receiving are their only means of obtaining anything.

This results in a kind of rotting decadence, which is easily seen in their countries, that they can’t help but spread everywhere they go looking for free stuff.

Since it is mandated by their biology and is kind of an instinctive thing, they’ll use any excuse no matter how little sense it makes if it means accessing others’ resources.

Daily Mail:

Mexico’s government says it has helped ten Mexican citizens file lawsuits against Walmart over the August mass shooting at a store in El Paso, Texas, where a suspected white nationalist killed 22 people.

The country’s Foreign Relations Department said Wednesday it is assisting the plaintiffs in the suit, filed in El Paso.

The lawsuit claims Walmart ‘did not take reasonable and necessary measures to protect its customers.’

There it is.

Anyone who knows anything about Mexico will immediate realize the absurdity of the Mexican government helping Mexicans file lawsuits that claim someone “did not take reasonable and necessary measures to protect” Mexicans — you know, Mexico being a cartel-dominated hellish landscape and all — but not Mexicans. No, not browns themselves.

Eight Mexicans were among the 22 people killed in the shooting on August 3, and eight other Mexicans were wounded.

It has not been revealed what damages the lawsuit seeks, nor how many of the plaintiffs were wounded victims, or relatives of those killed.

White governments should start filing lawsuits left and right every time white people die in foreign countries for whatever reason.

After all, white countries are ridiculously safer than brown and black countries, so the primitive-skinned are much more guilty of not taking “reasonable and necessary measures to protect” people.

Police have said Patrick Crusius of Dallas confessed to the shooting and that he was going after Mexicans.

The 21-year-old pleaded not guilty last month for the massacre.

He allegedly told detectives ‘I’m the shooter’ when he surrendered.

Crusius reportedly told police he was trying to kill as many Mexicans as possible.

He posted a manifesto online before the attack denouncing a ‘Hispanic invasion’ of Texas.

Crusius pleaded not guilty last month. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Mexico has condemned the shooting as a ‘terrorist attack.’

El Paso’s population is more than 80 per cent Hispanic.

At least 400 people are seeking assistance from One Fund El Paso , a relief group that is disbursing the $6milion raised by the community providing aid to shooting victims.

Why is El Paso more than 80 percent Hispanic? Isn’t El Paso located in the United States of America?

El nuevo Americano.

If the spreading isn’t stopped, the infection will blacken America’s soul beyond salvation.