Mexican Government Calls US Border Patrol and Orders Them to Rescue Illegal Aliens

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

The common sense thing to do if invaders invade your land is to defend your people and your land against the invaders, but if you can’t do that for some reason, the next common sense thing to do is to not help the invaders invade you and take your stuff.

But common sense has been replaced with human rights sense and human rights sense means that white people should sacrifice themselves for the short term benefit of browns and blacks and of any creature of Mordor.

The madness doesn’t end.

El Paso Times:

U.S. Border Patrol Big Bend Sector agents received a call at about 1 p.m. Tuesday from Mexican government officials regarding a 911 call involving three migrants asking for emergency assistance after being abandoned by their smuggling guide, Border Patrol officials said.

We’re at a point where the “people” invading us call authorities for help if they encounter any problem in the invasion process and authorities do provide help — even our authorities.

Everything is like a sick joke.

The migrants were found at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. None of them requested medical treatment, officials said.

The migrants — two men and a woman — were from Guatemala.

Thankfully, communications with Government of Mexico law enforcement agencies is real time and immediate, which allows us to rely on each other to prevent unnecessary casualties in the desert,” U.S. Border Patrol Big Bend Sector’s International Liaison Unit Special Operations Supervisor Jesus Mercado said in a statement.

Yeah, thankfully the people who invade our land to take our stuff didn’t die. Right? I mean, them dying would be worse than them taking our stuff and our children’s stuff and our future generation’s stuff.

Goblin’s lives matter.

Too bad they want to live in your country and in your house and work your jobs and all. You have the life they want for themselves, so you’ll have to give it away to them because the alternative is to be mean and to let them die in the desert or wherever.

But hey, don’t ever say they don’t give you something in return.

They do bring something for you.

The Washington Times:

An 8-year-old illegal immigrant girl arrested at the border was found to have measles, the Border Patrol said Thursday.

The girl and her father were part of a group of 39 people who jumped the border near Yuma, Arizona — a city that just two days ago declared a state of emergency because of its inability to handle the needs of the hundreds of migrants being dropped on the city.

See? They bring you measles!

What would you do without diversity, huh?