Mexican Cartel Scum Destroying Our National Parks to Grow Drugs

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Could you believe these people would be disrespectful towards our national parks?

So these Mexicans trespassed on our borders and invaded America. That’s pretty bad.

They act like scabs, taking up the jobs Americans could do and lowering our salaries. Okay, whatever.

They rape our women, attack our elderly, sell drugs to our youths. Mildly annoying.

But screwing with our national parks?

That’s crossing the line, beaners!


Water and wildlife in the nation’s public forests are slowly being poisoned by insecticides and other chemicals used in illegal marijuana operations, say forest police and researchers. They warn that the potential environmental damage could last generations.

Many of the grows are the work of highly organized drug cartels that take advantage of the forests’ thick canopy to help hide their operations. Some sites go undetected for years.

“The true crime here is the fact that they’re killing off basically America’s public lands, killing off the wildlife, killing off our water,” says Kevin Mayer, a U.S. Forest Service law enforcement assistant special agent in charge. “This is stuff that, you know, it’s not gonna repair itself.”

Now, an unlikely coalition in California — including environmentalists, law enforcement agents, politicians, wildlife ecologists and representatives of the legal cannabis industry — have joined forces to try to reduce these illegal operations and the environmental threat they pose.

You know how you could stop their operations in a single day?

By shutting off the border. Maybe, with a wall or something? Better yet, with machine gun nests and kill drones.

Experts believe chainsaw drones would drop illegal immigration by at least 100%.

If beaners can’t come in, they can’t screw with our parks. Or do any of that other shit they do.

Some in that coalition recently visited a site discovered deep in California’s Shasta-Trinity National Forest. They and a group of armed Forest Service agents made their way down a steep hillside above a creek on a warm fall day, through a tangle of Douglas fir and madrone trees and big leaf maples turned golden yellow.

Finally, the forest gives way to a sprawling grow and camp site. It’s typical in shape: terraced plots carved erratically into a hillside scared by wildfire. The burned trees and new growth offer some cover from air surveillance. Two Mexican nationals were arrested at the site in September; they are suspected of being affiliates of a cartel.

The only reason the environmentalist movement isn’t rabidly anti-immigration is because the Jews have completely infiltrated and subverted the movement.

Anyone with half a brain can tell that the biggest menace to the environment is brown people. This is why all brown countries are complete shitholes, while White and East Asian countries are clean and orderly.

But somehow, due to Jewish logic, countless braindead environmentalists are somehow convinced that Western countries pollute more than countries that look like open air landfills with toxic sludge rivers running through them.

Destroying the earth!

Perfectly environmentally friendly, because of carbon emissions or whatever.

The overpopulation of brown people is the number one cause of all major (real) environmental problems, and letting these people invade our countries is a sure-fire way to ensure Western countries like America become just as dirty and toxic as Third World shitholes.