Metoo X-Treme: Ultra-Beta Ryan Adams Stands Accused of Dating Women, Getting a Divorce

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2019

There is a new threat for women to fear: the compulsively sentimental drug-addled beta-male.

Metoo is ultimately going to end with every last “male ally” turning on the princesses they were sworn to protect.

There is no bigger beta-male than Ryan Adams. No individual who you would more picture actually believing in feminist bullshit. But he is now being metooed for having what, according to the account, are normal relationship difficulties.

In a feature article entitled “Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price,” The New York Times interviewed a bunch of his ex-girlfriends and his ex-wife, and decided that he is a bad boyfriend.

The story has been at the top of Google News and several other news aggregators, meaning the Times is promoting it as an important story. Just as I started typing this, I got a notification on my phone with their morning briefing – and it is the top item on the list of things you “need to know.”

For those unawares, Ryan Adams is a singer-songwriter with bad posture who produces sappy women’s music. He’s more songwriter than singer. He’s written a lot of songs for other artists and produced a lot of albums that are more famous than he is as a singer.

I know I’ve said this before, but this is absolutely the nuttiest metoo case we’ve seen yet. The previous nuttiest was the case of that paki Aziz Ansari, wherein a bitch complained that she went to his house after drinks and didn’t enjoy the sex. Actually, that case might still be the nuttiest on the face of it, but this case is nuttier because it is literally printed by The New York Times.

The story begins with something that does not relate to the rest of what is in the story: an online Skype jack-off relationship he had with a teenage girl who lied about her age. This girl turned over her entire Skype chat history with Adams to the New York Times, and they admit that he was worried about her age and kept asking about it and she kept lying about it – but then say he may have committed a crime by jacking-off on Skype with her.

Bizarrely, the Times sinks into absolute tabloid voyeurism and actually prints some of the text messages themselves in order to attempt to humiliate the man by revealing intimate communications. I was shocked. Just even a couple years ago, the Times would have considered itself above this, and no editor would allow something so trashy. Scrolling down the page, I half expected to run into a picture of his dick.

Basically, starting with a forced narrative that he’s a “child-abuser” because this bitch lied about her age, they create a situation where no one can come out and defend him over the rest of the material.

Without that offensive introductory material, the rest of the story would have been rightly seen as completely insane by everyone. What the Times does is just go through his entire relationship history and have a bunch of women say that he was a bad boyfriend. It is lined with suggestions of “power dynamics,” but none of that actually would make any sense to any normal person. These were women that sought him out in order to get a professional advantage, then he flirted with them and they willingly became his girlfriends and had long-term relationships with him.

Some of the stuff that the women describe is really cringy and beta. They talk about Adams whining about how he’s going to kill himself if they don’t answer his texts. But printing that is also tabloid voyeurism thrown out there to try and personally humiliate the poor guy. Reading it makes you feel dirty.

One should note that Adams has been extremely public about his drug problems. He talks about this issue in interviews and writes songs about it. No one who knows who Ryan Adams is doesn’t know that he has drug problems. People who have drug problems have difficulties in relationships, and all of these women went into relationships with this man fully cognizant of his issues.

Most astonishing about this piece is that the Times literally drags out Adams’ his ex-wife – the once very famous pop singer Mandy Moore – and claims that he abused her with his power and tricked her into marrying him. She shamelessly claims that she married him under the impression that it was going to help her career, and he did not deliver. They even throw in the fact that when they married, he was 33 while she was a mere child of 23 – “power dynamics,” you see.

In actual reality, Mandy Moore was a superstar who has sold 10 million albums, and Ryan Adams is an obscure alternative-country-folk-rocker who has probably not sold even a quarter of that in his entire twenty-something year career.

It is just jaw-dropping what this bitch claims.

Let me just go ahead and quote the entire section about their relationship from the Times article:

When they met in 2007, she was 23, he a decade older. Professionally, Moore was at a turning point: She was exiting her teen-pop years, and his reputation as a sensitive, authentic voice provided the artistic credibility she craved. In 2010, Adams offered to work on her next album; when she parted ways with her music manager, Adams discouraged her from working with other producers or managers, she said, effectively leaving him in charge of her music career.

They wrote songs together regularly that Adams promised to record, but never did. He booked them time at his studio, only to replace her with other female artists, she said. And he lashed out in ways that Moore came to consider psychologically abusive.

Adams lorded his artistic accomplishments over her, she said. “He would always tell me, ‘You’re not a real musician, because you don’t play an instrument.’”

Mandy Moore was married to Adams for nearly six years. What she called his psychologically abusive behavior stalled her music career: “He would always tell me, ‘You’re not a real musician, because you don’t play an instrument.’”

Through his lawyer, Adams called Moore’s characterization of their time together “completely inconsistent with his view of the relationship,” adding that he was supportive of her “well-deserved professional success.” The lawyer said Adams had been happy to help her career and had not prevented her from working with others.

She released her sixth LP, completed before their marriage, shortly after they wed in 2009, and has released no albums since. “His controlling behavior essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time — my entire mid-to-late 20s,” she said. Their divorce was finalized in 2016.

If you know any divorced women, you are aware that all women have a “he tricked me” narrative about their ex-husband. It is universal. They all say that the man sold them some image of himself that wasn’t real and they didn’t find out about who he really was until they were married.

But “he said he was going to help my music career and then he didn’t deliver” is ultra-brazen, even for you standard white western female. I just cannot imagine feeling comfortable telling the whole world that you married a man because you thought it would help your career and that he is a bad person for failing to do that. It’s like saying “I am a soulless whore, he is evil for not giving me more of his own soul in order for me to sustain myself.”

Regarding the giving of the soul: Adams has written 80 songs about his divorce. It’s hard to frame someone who will write 80 songs about how sad he is about you leaving him as a predator. But the New York Times apparently thinks they can pull it off.

What is Even Going on Here?

I’ve been thinking about this story a lot since I read it last night, and I think I know what led to it. This is just speculation, but I think it is almost certainly true: I think the jailbait age-liar girl contacted them, and from there they went and called up all of his ex-girlfriends – and his damned ex-wife – and offered them an opportunity to get back at him. Presumably, not all of them took that opportunity, but they printed the ones who did.

What this appears to be is an attempt to start some new phase of the metoo movement, where you get metooed for getting in a fight with your girlfriend and saying something mean. They will then construct some Orwellian “power dynamics” narrative to explain why you are evil for getting in a fight with your girlfriend.

This article on Adams is testing the water to see if they can move into this phase. That is why it is getting forced to the top of news aggregators. They want to make sure everyone sees it so they can get a discussion going. Apparently, they want to pivot from so-called “rape” into a narrative about how you can never say something mean to a woman in any context, ever. Even if you’re married to her.

I will certainly be watching to see if this causes Adams professional troubles. If it does then strap yourselves in, because a whole new wave is coming.

Better Watch It, Ladies

Ryan Adams is a caricature of the pathetic, emotional beta-male, which is the exact thing that women are saying they want all men to be.

I have even cited Adams in my writing as an example of the masochism of being a beta-male white knight. In particular, I’ve posted the song “Come Pick Me Up,” as I am fascinated by the drive to be abused by women that our society has managed to create.

This man is the epitome of a “feminist ally.” The Platonic ideal form of this concept.

And they have decided to lynch him over what amounts to the normal relational behavior of a depressive drug addict wimp propped-up by a gibberish-tier narrative about “power dynamics.”

Let me tell you something, ladies: a weak man who has been taught to bow down before women and serve them is going to be insecure, and that insecurity is going to lead to jealousy, which will lead to this so-called “controlling behavior” that is being described by you. You are the ones in control in these situations, and you all know it.

Let me tell you another, more important thing: if you go after this type of man, you are going to end up with a revolt on your hands. Weak men have gone along with this whole feminist control grid because they were led to believe they would get something out of it. If they realize that they are not only going to get nothing out of it, but actually be punished for going along with it, you might well end up with no men at all willing to deal with your chronic abuse behavior.

I am personally of the opinion that feminism is a gigantic shit-test of all men by all women in Western society, and what they actually want is for men to rise up and put them back in their place.

Women do not ever say what they mean. And when women describe a man as “controlling,” what they actually mean is that he was not in control, that he was incapable of being in control, and so he lashed out in ways that they believe to be pathetic. There is nothing that a woman views as more pathetic than a man texting her and whining about how she’s hanging out with other guys, as these women describe Adams doing. What women actually want is to suggest that they are going to go out with another guy and for the man to calmly say: “well, don’t come back.”

Furthermore, when a woman gets hysterical, she does not want you to engage with her hysterics, she wants you to remain completely calm and slap her across the face.

It is the basic brain structure of a woman to expect a man to be completely powerful and in charge all of the time. And if he does not appear that way to her, she begins to look for a replacement.

The shit-test thing is unconscious on the part of women, of course. And men are taking them at their word and going along with what they say they want. And now we are just in a downward spiral.

The reality is that in doing this massive shit-test that is “women’s liberation,” they have created a grid where any man who actually tries to take control is risking being thrown in prison for years. You can literally go to prison for locking your wife in a room to cool down.

So what we have is a situation where men are on the verge of collectively deciding to stop dealing with women. They’re basically facing a boycott. Men will have sex with them and then refuse to see them again because they don’t want to become entangled in a manipulative abuse situation.

This is the reality: if women are left to their own devices, which is the place where our modern Jewish system has put them, they will destroy everything, including themselves, and create a hell on earth.