#MeToo: Former Disney Child Actress Bella Thorne Says She was Molested

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2017

Bella Thorne a former child actress for Disney is claiming that she was molested. Is it possible that we are on the brink of seeing some serious #Pizzagate tier revelations come about?

There’s a possibility that we are having a breakthrough with the #MeToo movement. Just recently, a top level figure in Disney’s music division was charged with child sex abuse. That’s a pretty big deal right there.

There’s also another story relating to Disney floating around. One of Disney’s former child actresses Bella Thorne has said on Twitter that she was molested when she was younger. Weirdly enough, she specifically defended Disney while making the claim. She didn’t go into much detail beyond that but it was enough to make the rounds.

Daily Mail:

Bella Thorne has revealed she was molested.

The actress, 20, told Twitter followers on Friday she was a survivor of sexual abuse after a user commented on a photo she posted, ‘What did Disney do to this girl?! I think she was molested.’

Thorne tweeted in response: ‘Yeah I was. So it wasn’t Disney.’

She tweeted minutes later, ‘The world can be a sick place sometimes.’

The user had initially asked the question in response to a photo Bella had posted of herself wearing a purple suit, which she captioned, ‘I would f**k this suit if I could.’

Is it possible that she just said this for attention? Maybe, but the casting couch concept for children is one that has been fairly well-documented. Many of these child actors and actresses in the Jew run entertainment industry have absolutely been sexually abused. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman come to mind but there are many others. The abuse explains why so many of them turn to alcohol and drugs when they become adults.

This girl Thorne like other Disney child actresses has grown up to be a trashy slut. This behavior often represents a coping mechanism young women use to deal with their sexual abuse as a child.

I’ve actually seen prostitutes dress more conservatively than the pictures she shares of herself on Twitter. Think I’m kidding? Look at some of what she has posted over the past few weeks.

Hate to break it to you Bella, but you are not hot as you say you are.

But what do you think guys? A fine example for young girls to look up to isn’t she? Whether she understands it or not, she is training younger girls to be whores like her. She even claims to be bisexual which is a classic attention whoring scheme young women have used for awhile now.

Like other skanks, she generously applies the use of makeup to conceal her ugly features.

Instead of acting like a filthy whore for a living, I’d encourage her to reevaluate what she is doing with her life. This could be done by first going into more details about her molestation claims. Many of us know that there’s weird stuff happening at Disney, so she should come clean with what she experienced. Disney has been a factory for transforming young relatively normal-looking girls who grow up to become horrible skanks. This can’t be happening by accident.

And seriously Bella, quit acting like such a filthy slut. You are 20-years-old, so it isn’t too late to change your ways. In the near future, this type of behavior will have you locked in a cage and shackled to a very large rock. You should make the decision while you are still young to do something positive with your life.