Metokur on Social Media and Jewish Control of the Lower Classes

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2017

Metokur has always been very good at explaining internet censorship and political influence in popular internet cultures in an easy to understand (and often funny) way.

The recent news of Google bringing in the ADL to censor YouTube and the increase in efforts to censor Right-Wing individuals is no different.

Leftists and Jews (more or less synonymous) currently hold a monopoly on social media platforms – however, that is changing rapidly. These companies are not only losing business, but the more that they try to shut down the little non-leftist posting they haven’t already shut down they will be waking more and more people up to it.

Like Anglin said, people who aren’t even remotely aware of the JQ or who don’t even care much about politics will look at this and start connecting dots.

Ultimately, the establishment has gotten so brutalized by us in the past two years, and tried to go too far too fast so many times, that they simply cannot shut this down anymore.

We are winning, and these are the death throes of the mainstream.