Meth-Addicted Fish Caught Frolicking with Gay Frogs

Hehehe, Alex Jones is so silly.

He thinks there are problems on the earth.


Meth-laced human sewage that enters into waterways is capable of causing drug addiction among fish, according to researchers who studied a shoal of tweaked-out trout.

Scientists in the Czech Republic performed a set of experiments to examine the consequences of methamphetamine seeping into aquatic ecosystems. Traces of the highly addictive stimulant can apparently be found in many freshwater habitats due to discharges from wastewater treatment plants.

In a paper published on Tuesday, the researchers concluded that meth emissions in freshwater ecosystems can cause “addiction” in fish and even lead to withdrawal symptoms.

The surprising discovery was made after the Czech researchers observed two groups of 60 brown trout that were placed in separate holding tanks for eight weeks. One of the aquariums contained meth levels commonly found in freshwater rivers, while the other tank was drug-free. Apart from the meth, the conditions in both controlled environments were identical.

I really wish I had a meme of a fish smoking meth.

But I just don’t have any such meme.

So here’s a meme of a methhead human:

Actually, that’s not a meme, it’s just a mugshot.

The question I have is: could humans get addicted to meth by eating meth-addicted fish?

The answer I have is: yeah, sure.

We need to make a list of everyone who is still shit-talking Alex Jones when he’s been proved right so many times over. Every single day there is a top headline announcing something that he predicted in 2004. The only reason you would silence someone with this kind of track-record for accurate predictions is that you don’t want people to know what is going to happen in the future.

Literally, Brian Stelter and “Oliver Darcy” are saying: “we need to use censorship to prevent people from knowing what is going to happen next.”

CNN’s campaign to censor Alex Jones was so successful that they are now using it as a platform to try to censor Tucker Carlson.

We’ve moved from censoring entire categories of thought to censoring entire categories of information.

At the same time, these people are promising that a utopia is just around the corner.

We’re looking at a future so bright, you won’t need eyes to see it.