Mestizo Invaders to Surpass Whites in California in March

Daily Stormer
January 17, 2014

The new California.
The new California.

The once great state of California continues its rapid slide towards third world status. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the invading mestizo hordes will soon surpass the state’s White population:

[B]y March Latinos will make up 39 percent of California’s population, edging out non-Hispanic whites at 38.8 percent. Nearly 25 years ago, non-Hispanic whites made up 57 percent of the state, while Latinos made up 26 percent.

Given that Jews and Arabs are often counted as “white” by demographers, it is very likely that the mestizos have already overtaken the true White population, possibly some time ago.

When first settled by Americans, California was seen as the final step in the White man’s conquest of the continent. Whites had now reached the westernmost point in the land, bringing an end to the era of pioneer expansion.

The old California.
The old California.

The California Gold Rush greatly increased the prosperity of the state, and the region’s temperate climate led to impressive agricultural activity. Other industries also developed, and the state’s stunning natural beauty was accented by unprecedented feats of engineering.

California Gold Miners
Authentic 49ers.
The Golden Gate bridge.
The Golden Gate bridge, testament to the engineering genius of our folk.

But all these triumphs will become meaningless if demographic trends are not reversed. Once Whites are driven out, the corruption and decay of the third world will replace our once shining civilization. The fact that the racial transformation of California is proceeding so rapidly should alarm anyone concerned about the future of the White race. If we don’t organize as Whites and fight Jewish power, the conquest of our lands could be complete within our lifetimes.