Merry Christmas to the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2015

It's that time of year: when political websites ask you for shekels.
It’s that time of year: when political websites ask you for shekels.

Many people have asked about contributing funds to the site through credit card, and so I’ve developed a temporary method for doing this: Google Wallet.

They will presumably give me trouble eventually, so I’m posting this for the holidays.

The email I’m using is

It’s incredibly easy to set up. Takes 3 minutes. You just go to Google Wallet, log in with your gmail (or make a new account), confirm your identity and add a credit card. It’s a lot easier than PayPal, and seeing as how they don’t charge fees, it’s unclear why it hasn’t overtaken PayPal. I know Google is Jewish as well, but I don’t hate anything more than PayPal.

Here are the full instructions from Google on how to send the money once your account is set up:

Send & request money with Gmail - Gmail Help

As you know, the site is 100% reader-funded due to Jewish terrorism against us, which bans us from using advertisement. If you are broke, don’t worry about it, but if you’ve got cash and enjoy the site, don’t assume others are doing it. Every little bit helps.

Soon, we’re gonna get some things figured out that will allow us to receive recurring donations, which will effectively be a guaranteed monthly income, which will then allow me to start paying writers and expand the operation. That is always my goal: expansion of the base. This money thing is just an ongoing nightmare; I would have long ago expanded this base, if I’d been allowed advertisement or even just PayPal contributions.

But we shall overcome. Overcome these Jews.

White. Christmas.
White. Christmas.

As is my tradition, I will take tomorrow off. It’s the only day of the year I take off. I will, however, make a Christmas post. Today is Merry Christmas to the Daily Stormer, tomorrow it will be Merry Christmas from the Daily Stormer.

We do not say “happy holidays.”

Make Christmas racist again!
Make Christmas racist again!

Hail Victory.

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