Merry Christmas from the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 25, 2015

White. Christmas.
White. Christmas.

Hello friends, and welcome to Christmas.

On this day, which was sacred to our ancestors for thousands of years (even before it was Christmas), I like to reflect on things micro and macro.

Recently, the KKK had to be brought in to secure Santa from Black lives.
Recently, the KKK had to be brought in to secure Santa from Black lives.

The macro – the global situation – is hellish, of course. But we have upsides. We have Putin and Trump, the alpha leaders. We have a turning tide. We have unbagged cats. It’s not all despair.

In my view, the micro – our personal lives – should be isolated as much as possible from the global situation. We should enjoy life. We should eat, drink and be merry whenever it’s possible. It takes some doing, of course, to put out of mind the crisis all around us. But we have no choice. We can’t let it make us personally miserable.


That’s why I try to keep things light on the site. It is important that we know what’s going on, but it is equally important that we not let what’s going on drag us down. We aren’t going to be much use in a race war if we’re all emo.

So that is my advice to you, dear brothers, this Christmas day: do everything you can to keep your spirits high. Whatever that may be. Enjoy women and wine. Enjoy your hobbies. Go to the gym. East steak. Listen to music. Find community and brotherhood. Watch Donald Trump videos. Remember your ancestors, pictures their live experiences throughout these ages we’ve lived through.

Take mental breaks from considering the global situation. Make a determination to do this. Do whatever you need to do to stay sane in the most insane of all ages of men.


Most importantly, spend as much time as you can with your family, and people you love. That is, in the end, what the human experience is about: making human connections with human beings. And when it comes down to it, all of this noise the Jews create is simply to stop to stop this from happening. They are engaged in a war on each of us as individual human beings. That is the long and short of it.

And so as we resist politically, we must also resist personally, and not let them take the enjoyment out of our lives.

Always remember who you are.

Merry Christmas, brothers.

Scherl Bilderdienst: Ostpreussischer Volkssturm feiert Weihnachten Wachfreie Volkssturmmänner bei der Weihnachtsfeier in ihrem Kellerbunker. Die brennenden Kerzen am frisch nach Harz duftenden Tannenbaum geben dem kahlen Raum weihnachtliches Gepräge. Der Zugführer verteilt die soeben eingetroffene Weihnachtspost, die Grüsse von Angehörigen bringt. SS-PK.Kriegsberichter Müller 15.12.1944 [Herausgabedatum]

Hail Victory.

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