Merry Christmas Everyone From Your Friends at the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 25, 2017

Every year there is one day when I only write one one article, and that is Christmas day. This is not so much to give me the day off, but to give you, the reader, the day off.

It’s also because hopefully, there isn’t much happening in the big world.

Christmas time is historically the most important part of the Christian calendar, and before Christmas, we had Yule all throughout Northern Europe and I’m sure the Southern Europeans and Slavs had something similar.

It’s important maybe because of some religious reasons, but the religion is only there to support the community and the family anyway, and today should be a day for family. So, if you’re reading this – which you really shouldn’t even be doing – but if you are, then I ask you to turn your phone off for the day and spend time with your people.

Because your people are what matter. That’s the whole reason any of us are in this thing. Fighting for human experiences and the rights of future generations to have them.

So if you’re at home alone today – and I would hope you are not, but if you are – call someone up and get together. Even if you haven’t seen someone in years, it’s okay to call on Christmas. It’s always okay to call on Christmas.

Furthermore, even if you’re not alone today, if you’ve got a dysfunctional or split-up family and a parent or a sibling that you haven’t talked to in a while, consider that: consider calling them up and just saying “hey, I just wanted to call and say Merry Christmas.”

There are all of these millennia of our ancestors focusing on this particular time of year as a sacred time that there is magic in it. That is the feeling that you get around this time of year: all of that ancient celebratory communal energy imbued in this special time, and in the symbols. That is why a Christmas tree, the bells and the songs make you feel something special that nothing else makes you feel at any other time of the year.

Most importantly, kids, remember: no matter how mad you get, don’t murder your girlfriend’s parents.

A little bit of dark Christmas humor for you there.

Also, remember this: the official Daily Stormer endorsed Christmas songs are THE ONES THAT MENTION JESUS CHRIST, A BABY, A MANGER, A CHILD, etc.

But, you know. Don’t mention to your family that the other ones are part of a conspiracy to destroy our heritage by removing our sacred symbols.

In fact, don’t talk to your family about any of that stuff today. Keep it about the positive things. Don’t get into conflict with boomers or otherwise mind-warped loved ones.

Because even if they’re minds are warped, you are tied to them by blood and that comes first. That is the most important thing, the blood. Nothing matters more than that.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Andrew Anglin
December 25, 2017

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