Merry Christmas, Brothers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 25, 2019

Today is Christmas and it is the single day of the year I take off of work.

Except I don’t totally take it off work, because I publish every Christmas Day a single Merry Christmas post.

Welcome to that post.

Firstly, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

We look today to the coming year ahead, the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty.

I believe that this will be a year of true Christian revival. I can feel that in my blood. And of that, I wish to speak.

On the far-right, we are all feeling this, to varying degrees. Because the spirit of God has moved upon us. I do not talk to anyone who cannot feel this. And the only ones I see on the internet who cannot feel it are frothing at the mouth fedora faggots who appear to be in a state of total psychological breakdown – that is to say, they also feel it, but it makes them feel fear, rather than joy.

Our biggest obstacle moving forward will be how to realize this revival in practical terms.

Clearly, all existing churches are in a state of absolute chaos, torn asunder by Satan.

Every evangelical church is in a state of full-Jew worship, and there are other problems as well. The Baptists are flooding the country with immigrants, the Episcopalians have gone full-homo and full-matriarchy, and that so-called “pope” of the Catholic Church is a sick freak, who recently came out and said that the Catholic Church needs to be less Christian.

Most of us were raised without religion, or with weird, bad religion, so we have to work to find our correct place.

But we will figure that out as we go.

First and foremost, we are all brothers in Christ. That is the first principle.

Great things are coming.

We can feel this.

Amazing things that we never would have thought possible.

Something is being born inside of all of us, which will unfold as it was meant to unfold.

Nothing can stop this.

Of course, wicked things are on the way as well.

But we are being given an opportunity to prepare for these wicked things.