Merriam-Webster Changes the Definition of “Sexual Preference” to be “Offensive” After Amy Barrett Says It

She must not be that smart: two plastic water bottles are bad enough, but a plastic-lined Starbucks disposable cup is just ridiculous. Who drinks boiling plastic? The one thing I will say about Starbucks is that they have beautiful stainless steel refillable cups with non-plastic lids. They will fill it for you when you order the coffee, out of their entirely metal machines. What kind of person who drinks Starbucks coffee doesn’t own one of these cups?

We’ve decided that from here on out, we will refer to the woman who calls herself “Amy Coney Barrett” as “Amy Barrett,” as this is what her name should be in a Christian society. We will also attempt to support her as much as possible, as despite the fact that she is a terrible mother and a feminist, she is technically on our team, and it feels a bit absurd to keep attacking her when she is now nearly confirmed for a position she will hold for life.

We’re just going to hope she does better than Trump’s Justice Gorsuch, who turned out to be an extreme analist.

Overall, the clips I’ve seen from her hearing this week have been fine. Whatever. It’s truly just whatever.

Watching the legless Asiatic hag Tammy Duckworth (whom I hate with the same vitriol that she hates America with) grill Amy Barrett on the term “sexual preference” disgusted me entirely, and certainly made me side with the Republican feminist.

Amy might have two names, but at least she’s got two legs…!

Duckworth acted as if calling anal sex with men a “preference” is the same as calling a queer a “faggot.” She said that you have to say “orientation” because they are born that way, and they don’t choose it.

I legitimately believe that Barrett was trying to be politically correct, and didn’t know that in current year, “preference” is offensive. They replace these words so quickly, condemning the previous forms as offensive, that it is very difficult to keep up with it unless you’re really committed.

(By the way – just a note here – did you know that “nigger” was not initially an offensive word? That’s a true story. It apparently didn’t become offensive until sometime before the Second World War, because a book I once read containing interviews with former slaves had all of the blacks referring to themselves as “niggers” very casually. I think actually it’s possible that the modern use of the term “nigga” came from that time.)

Something even nuttier happened after this nutty scene.

Merriam-Webster, the dictionary website, changed its definition of the term to include “offensive.”

Apparently, Merriam-Webster didn’t know it was offensive until they saw the Krang-like Duckworth ranting about it.

Of course, they can’t go back and change the paper dictionaries! And that points to a scary problem: the fact that the internet is the books of the age means that they can alter history and everything else in real time.

This happened in the book 1984. But George Orwell couldn’t have imagined the internet, and the ability to actually do this in real time.

Eventually, the Wayback Machine will be shut down, and it will be a bannable offense to talk about how the establishment is altering the deal further.

You may be aware of this, or not, but all of the old rap songs that said “faggot” have been edited and are now only available on iTunes and YouTube with the words removed.

When the CDs and their lyrics booklets are finally all thrown out, we will have no memory that rappers used to really, really hate gay people. History will have been altered.

This goes in line with tearing down the statues.

We are quickly approaching Year Zero.