Merkel’s Sister Party Suffers Biggest Loss Since 1950

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2018

“Merkel is on her way out!” has become a tired meme.

No matter how bad it looks for this bitch, she always manages to pull out a win.

Except now, maybe she can’t do that again.


Germany’s political landscape is crumbling as Merkel’s sister party, the CSU, has only received 37.3% of the votes in Bavaria, preliminary results show. Meanwhile, the right-wing AfD has entered parliament for the first time.

Voters in Bavaria headed to the polls to decide on the composition of the 180-member parliament on Sunday. The Christian Social Union (CSU) – sister party to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – gained 37.3 percent in Germany’s largest and second most populous state, according to an exit poll for broadcaster ARD.

It represents the worst election result since 1950, and a loss of its absolute majority for only the second time since 1962. It means the CSU will now have to form a coalition. 

CSU General Secretary Markus Blume has called it a “bitter day for the CSU,” while declining to comment on possible coalitions.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder of the CSU also said it is “not an easy day.” However, he called his party “the strongest party” and added that the most important task is to keep the country stable and governable.

The election can be seen as a blow to Merkel, since her party is not present in Bavaria at all, with the CSU effectively being the Chancellor’s ‘hand’ there. CSU, in turn, is not present in any other federal state.

Die Linke member Bijan Tavassoli told RT that the result sends a clear message of what the people want – and it isn’t Angela Merkel.

“Even though Angela Merkel was not on the ballot tonight, she was on the ballot. And the vote was a clear vote to end the era of Merkel.”

Yeah, I’m not going to make any hard predictions here, but this is definitely starting to look like Merkel is going to have a very difficult time hanging on much longer.

And this is, of course, all about immigration.

This wave of feral animals that Merkel has flooded Germany with has created a chaos situation that very few people are having a fun time with. It isn’t just the rape, terrorism and other violent crime that bothers people, it’s the fact that these creatures are constantly out on the street, changing the entire vibe of the country.

It also probably matters to Germans that it is costing so much money. That might matter to them more than rape and terrorism.

Regardless, the sad fact of the matter is that whoever replaces Merkel is going to be just as bad. Worse, in fact, because there will be a “honeymoon” period for whoever comes in, when they will be able to get away with all sorts of things.

AfD is not going to takeover. Germans are too beaten down and too conformist. AfD is also itself too much of a mess, run by kooky women, not presenting any kind of clear vision beyond “we’ve had enough of all this here then, eh?”

Furthermore, because of the lockdown on free speech, it is impossible for any kind of organic political movement to form and prosper in Germany. AfD party members are constantly being censored on the internet and threatened with legal action for their thoughts.

It will be nice to see Merkel finally go down, but it just won’t mean very much in the larger scheme of things.

Look: I’m not saying it’s impossible for Germans to turn things around. But I will say that Merkel is going to be replaced with someone exactly like her before anything turns around.

Furthermore, I will say that the AfD is the best chance. They are established and making gains, despite the fact that the party is a complete disaster. The best thing would be for a man who is well-spoken and charismatic and capable of getting across a clear message without violating the country’s very stringent speech laws to lead the party.

If modern Germany is even capable of producing a man of the calibre of Trump, Putin, Salvini or Bolsonaro, then maybe they are capable of saving themselves.

But it isn’t looking very good, frankly.