Merkel’s Own Ally Threatens Legal Action Against Her

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2016


Everything this sloppy hag has done regarding this Islamic invasion has been illegal by both German and EU law.

She could easily be tried and convicted at the Hague.

But up until now, no one has dared call her out, as she had successfully framed all opposition to the invasion in terms of Neo-Nazism.

But Cologne changed all that.


A prominent ally of Germany’s Angela Merkel has threatened to take her government to court over its open door refugee policy as political pressure grows for the chancellor to reduce the number of new arrivals.

Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer said he would send the federal government a written request within the next two weeks to restore “orderly conditions” at the nation’s borders, through which one million migrants and refugees passed last year alone.

“If it doesn’t follow, the state government will have no other choice but to file a suit at the Federal Constitutional Court,” Seehofer told Der Spiegel magazine on Saturday.

Seehofer has issued a series of ultimatums to Merkel in recent months to press her into taking immediate action to limit the influx of migrants, only to back down at the last minute.

With due respect, sir: limiting the influx is not going to do anything at this point. You already have over a million new Hajis in your base (possibly up to two million, no one actually has any idea), and they are already engaging in mass ficki ficki on the streets.

You are going to have to remove kebab to solve this problem.

Or you’re going to have to deal with a race war.

His comments reflect growing doubt among Germans about Merkel’s “we can do this” mantra in the face of Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War Two, especially since sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were blamed on migrants.

It is insane that they keep saying “blamed on migrants” – they are on video doing it, the police and government now both admit they did it. There is no “blaming” it is simply a statement of fact.

Apparently, the “blaming” part is based on the technicality that some of those involved were “illegal immigrants” rather than “asylum seekers.”

Only a Jewish news editor could come up with that sort of legalistic gibberish.

Merkel’s popularity has dropped since the assaults, a poll showed on Friday.

The state’s finance minister, Markus Soeder, told Der Spiegel that Merkel’s refugee policy was not democratically legitimized and said parliament should vote on the matter.

Senior figures from the Social Democrats (SPD), Merkel’s second coalition partner, have also broken ranks in recent days.


SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel joined the critical voices on Saturday. “We have to get from a chaotic to an orderly immigration,” he told several regional newspapers.

Border checks needed to be improved and refugee quotas introduced to control how many people come to Germany, he said.

Germany could take in more than the 200,000 refugees proposed by Seehofer as a cap for this year, but the quota should be significantly below last year’s number, he said.

Merkel has vowed to “measurably reduce” arrivals this year, but has refused to introduce a cap, saying it would be impossible to enforce without closing German borders.

Instead, she has tried to convince European partners to take on quotas of refugees, pushed for reception centers to be built on Europe’s external borders, and led an EU campaign to convince Turkey to keep refugees from entering the bloc. But progress has been slow.

“If the measures have no impact in the spring, we’re moving towards numbers that become difficult,” Gabriel said.

European governments are all at war with their own populations.

If Russia were to invade Europe, is there any possible chance that the militaries would genuinely fight to protect these “values” of Islamic street rape?