Merkel Says Russian “Leet Haxors” are Planning to Jew the German Elections!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

First Merkel pushes the “fake news” hoax, now she’s pushing the “Russian hacker” hoax.

All of her hoaxes are blatant rip-offs of American hoaxes.

Invent your own hoaxes, you filthy skank.


On the heels of Washington’s allegations of ominous “Russian hackers” disrupting the US presidential race, the German Chancellor and new intelligence chief are now implying Moscow may launch a cyber-offensive on Germany’s 2017 presidential election.

1337 russian haxor adOn Tuesday, Merkel alluded to a link between the recent hacking attacks on major German telecommunications group Deutsche Telecom and Russia. The attack hit some 900,000 of the company’s customers on Sunday.

“Such cyberattacks, or hybrid conflicts as they are known in Russian doctrine, are now part of daily life and we must learn to cope with them,” she said, commenting on the incident Tuesday.

Merkel, however, added she did not know who the attackers really were.

According to Arne Schönbohm, the head of the Federal Office for Information Security, the attack was executed with the help of the so-called Mirai worm, which was allegedly developed by Russian hacking group Sofacy, security sources told Tagesspiegel daily. The malware is well known to German security services as the one used in an attack on German parliament back in 2015.

It is not the first time that Merkel has voiced allegations of a Russian cyber-threat. Earlier in November, she said that handling “internet attacks that are of Russian origin or with news which sows false information” has become a “daily task,” adding that “it may be that this could also play a role during the election campaign.”

Bruno Kahl, the new president of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the BND, echoed Merkel’s concerns in a surprise interview to Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Kahl claimed his agency has evidence that Russia may have manipulated the vote during the 2016 US election.

lol secret evidence!

It could change the course of history… but he can’t share it… because it’s a secret.

“We have evidence that cyberattacks are taking place that have no other purpose than triggering political uncertainty,” he said.

“Europe, and Germany in particular, is in the focus of these experiments,” Kahl went on, adding that the German-speaking internet has also been increasingly targeted by so-called “troll factories” distributing targeted misinformation. “The perpetrators are interested in delegitimizing the democratic process as such, no matter who that subsequently helps,” he claimed.

I can confirm that Russian TROLL FACTORIES exist.

I was invited to tour one.


A standard Russian troll factory

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