Merkel Says Germany Can’t Return to Normal Life, Doesn’t Want Lockdown Restrictions Eased

“It is dangerous for you to be outside. I am protecting you.”

Angela Merkel is the mommy you don’t deserve, and she’s determined to keep you safe for the entirety of your life.

You are never going to grow up.

Daily Mail:

Germany and Spain have begun easing their coronavirus lockdowns – as leaders of both countries cautioned there will be no quick return to normal.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the lockdown will be eased step by step in a ‘gradual, safe and coordinated’ way, with each move analysed carefully to see its impact on infections.

Meanwhile Chancellor Angela Merkel warned ‘we can’t return to life like it was before coronavirus’ and said some states had already gone too far in relaxing measures.

She spoke after state governors began rapidly issuing special exemptions for non-essential businesses to reopen, including large furniture stores in the most-populous state of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Both leaders stressed that they will not hesitate to reintroduce lockdowns if infections begin spiking again.

‘We are in for the long haul. We must not lose energy before we reach the end,’ Merkel said, adding: ‘It would be a terrible shame if our hope punishes us.’ 

Speaking to parliament on Thursday morning, Mrs Merkel cautioned ‘we’re still walking on thin ice, one could also say the thinnest ice’.

We’re not living in the final phase of the pandemic, but still at the beginning. We will be living with this virus for a long time.’

Mrs Merkel told parliament that in her time as chancellor the decision to ‘restrict personal freedoms’ in the fight against the virus was one of hardest she has made.

She also urged people to proceed carefully now as steps were being taken to reduce restrictions so as not to give up hard-won gains.

‘Let us not squander what we have achieved and risk a setback.’

The core message here is what other leaders and “experts” have been telling the media for weeks now: that coronavirus is here to stay, and consequently, the lockdown and social distancing measures are here to stay, too.

This isn’t even going to end when a vaccine for this coronavirus is ready.

After vaccinating the population, they will continue to force people to live like prisoners, arguing that new viruses are appearing or that coronavirus is mutating. We’re under a permanent virus regime.

It’s easier to control people this way.

They can say “we have to go back to the lockdown and social isolation until a new vaccine for this new threat is developed,” or they can just say that it’s safer to live under lockdown and without interacting with other people to prevent future pandemics.

You are now a prisoner in the weirdest prison ever devised.

It is a prison that you cannot break out from, because your entire country is a prison.

If you break out of your house, everything else is locked, and you’re still in prison.

Just like in prison, you can go to the mess and the commissary. But that’s it. After you go there, you go back and sit in your cell.

This is your life now.