Merkel Says Germans Must Fight Coronavirus Like They Fought the Allies in World War II

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2020

German Chancellor Merkel has called for Germans to fight Coronavirus as hard as they fought the allies during WWII.

I think there are probably a lot of problems with this.

I just don’t see any way this can be interpreted other than “Coronavirus is our worst enemy since the Jews.”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel made an emotional appeal to the nation, urging solidarity in face of the coronavirus epidemic that she described as the nation’s greatest challenge since the Second World War.

“This is serious, and you need to take it seriously,” she said, addressing the nation on Wednesday evening. “There has been no such challenge to our country since German reunification – no, since World War II – that relies so much on our joint action in solidarity.”

The fact that it was Merkel’s first-ever such speech in her 15 years in power – aside from the traditional holiday addresses at New Year – underscored the gravity of the situation.

Even some of her fans found the invocation of WWII hyperbolic and over the top, while praising her “calm and practical” handling of the crisis.

Firstly, Germans lost World War II, so bringing it up as a challenge they faced isn’t inspirational.

It also isn’t inspirational because new generations of Germans have been taught that fighting World War II was evil, that they were the bad guys fighting a war for gas chambers.

Furthermore, isn’t it always anti-Semitic to reference World War II as a tragedy for Germans? In any circumstances? I just didn’t understand you could do that.

Because in this analogy of Merkel’s, isn’t the virus the Jews? And haven’t the Jews been compared to viruses ever since viruses were first discovered?

And I mean, isn’t any situation where she’s saying “we have to fight as hard as our Nazi ancestors” going to be bad?

This is shocking on a number of different levels.

But is it redpilled?

Is it based?

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