Merkel Publicly Interferes in Russian Politics While Accusing Russia of Secretly Interfering in Other Nations’ Politics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

At time of writing, the West has exactly zero evidence to back up their non-stop claims that Vladimir Putin is secretly controlling global politics.

But that didn’t stop the childless wench Merkel from bringing up this conspiracy theory in her meeting today with the Russian President.

Perhaps even more bizarrely, she attempted to lecture Putin on the alleged behavior of his Moslems.

She also lectured him on – get this – freedom of speech!

The leader of Germany!

Lecturing someone on free speech!

We could go to RT, but for this one, CNN is going to be more fun.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has raised reports of the detention and abuse of gay men in Chechnya with Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging the leader to protect the rights of minorities across the country.

The first report on the issue was published on April 1 by the major Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which claimed that more than 100 men had been detained or disappeared in Chechnya on suspicion of being homosexual, and that some of them had been killed.

A number of witnesses and victims gave CNN horrific accounts of torture, saying that hundreds of gay men were being rounded up by authorities and held in appalling conditions in least three detention centers.

“We’ve heard some very negative reports about how homosexuals are treated in Chechnya, and I asked Mr. Putin to use his influence to ensure the rights of such minorities,” Merkel told reporters after meeting with Putin in the Russian city of Sochi.

Chechnya is one of several semi-autonomous republics within Russia.

Can you even begin to imagine Putin going to Germany and telling Merkel something along the lines of: “we’re hearing reports that your Moslem population is raping women on a mass scale, and that your police have been ordered by the government to cover-up reports of sexual assault in order to protect perpetrators of these acts. They’re also rioting and shooting people in the streets. They are running people over with trucks. Not getting run over with a truck is a human right, and we are very concerned about Germans suffering because of the behavior of your Moslems.”

And then after the meeting, going out and saying that he told her that to reporters?

It is an absurd thought, right?

No one can picture Putin going and lecturing anyone on their internal politics, because Putin does not meddle in other nations’ politics.

The only statement he has ever made was a statement of warning to Russians residing in Germany that there is a serious chance of getting raped by Moslems in the country of Germany. He made these statements after a 13-year-old ethnically Russian girl was raped in Germany.

He was attacked by the global media, and the girl was accused of lying.

Merkel also stressed the importance of civil rights to Putin, including the right to demonstrate and the right for NGOs to operate freely.

Russia has passed a series of laws in recent years that has made protesting nearly impossible and has clamped down on NGOs that voice opposition to the Kremlin or that receive foreign funding.

This is even more kooky.

Germany has the most restrictive speech laws of any country on the planet. They are at least on par with China.

They arrest people for posting politically incorrect information in private Facebook groups. They censor huge portions of the internet.

Again: imagine Putin going to Germany and lecturing them on that.

This entire concept that the West has absolute moral authority is nonsensical and absurd.

Where did they get this right?

They are asserting it as though it is a divine right, but how can they do that without claiming a source of objective truth – i.e. literally claiming to represent God?

How can someone assert that it is objectively a moral imperative for a nation to allow foreign countries to fund organizations which operate within the borders of a sovereign nation and have the stated goal of undermining the government of that nation?

And even if you did accept that as absolute moral truth – would Russia then be allowed to set up “NGOs” in Germany for the purpose of ousting Merkel and installing a pro-Russian government?

Russia is attacked for simply running an international media outlet.

Then they are accused of meddling in other people’s politics, secretly, without any evidence being given!

[Putin] also shot down allegations of Russian interference in the US and European elections.

There have been concerns of Russian meddling in upcoming European polls, including the French vote on Sunday and Germany’s election in September.

“Concerns” says CNN.


There have been “baseless accusations.”

Not only is there no evidence – no one has even bothered to explain how it would be physically possible!

We never interfere in the political processes of other countries, and we would very much appreciate it if no one interfered in our political life. Unfortunately, for many years we have seen the opposite: Influence on political processes in Russia, through so-called non-governmental organizations and directly,” he said in response to a reporter’s questions, without giving specific examples.

lol CNN.

Are you journalists?

Do you at least have Google?

Can you at least read the earlier part of your own article where you said:

NGOs that voice opposition to the Kremlin


You acknowledge that he has banned these NGOs, you say that is morally evil, then with this “without giving specific examples,” you vaguely question if they even exist at all.

Well then, CNN, I ask you this: how can it be evil to ban something which does not exist?